Karl Grimm

Karl Grimm
AffiliationHouse Grimm
ParentsHendrik Grimm III (father)[1]
SiblingsElla Grimm[1]
Johann Grimm[1]
Hendrik Grimm IV (speculative)

Karl Grimm was the son of king Hendrik Grimm III of the Oberon Confederation. Nothing is known about his mother. He was a sibling or half-sibling to his older brother Johann Grimm, his sister Ella Grimm, and—if he actually ever existed—presumably also to Hendrik Grimm IV.


According to a Wolfnet report, by the time of the Clan Invasion General Karl Grimm was reportedly the CO of the 2nd Oberon Guards regiment, based on Gustrell.[2] However, the report may be unreliable given that Hendrik Grimm III had deliberately spread misinformation about his realm, particularly regarding Hendrik Grimm IV whose actual existence remains unconfirmed, but who is listed as CO of the 1st Oberon Guards in this report.

Whatever the truth, Karl and his older brother Johann took part in the ill-fated defense of Oberon VI against the attacking Clan Wolf in 3049, and both were captured along with their father. King Hendrik III immediately set about an escape plan, using contingency plans he already had in place. Although Johann cautioned him against it and suggested fleeing the planet once they had escaped from captivity, the elder Grimm decided he needed to utterly destroy the garrison force left behind by Clan Wolf instead. However, while they managed to escape to a hidden weapons cache, their subsequent counterattack on the Clan garrison faltered. Johann had decided for himself that fighting the vastly superior Clan forces was a hopeless endeavor and turned against his father, who was captured again, sentenced to death, and executed. Karl Grimm escaped the initial defeat, but according to Star Commander Niamh of Clan Wolf was captured a day later. She mentioned that she intended to make an example of him, suggesting that Karl Grimm, too, was to be executed, but ultimately Karl Grimm's fate remains unconfirmed.[1]


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