Karl Sonntag

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Karl Sonntag
Affiliation Federated Suns
Profession Technician


Karl Sonntag was a Chief Engineer serving during the FedCom Civil War on the side of the Federated Suns. He served with Eric Dresari, and later his son. He would be responsible for helping Ian freeing Kentares from the forces of House Steiner. Karl would also give Ian tactical advice on certain missions based on their climate and describe various salvaged mechs and equipment he acquired over the campaign. Karl would also be Ian's moral figure, guiding him to do the right thing so he won't end up like William.[1]


After Ian was declared as a Duke, Karl moved against Ian's rule and was arrested as a result. He would find salvation in the form of the Black Knight Legion, who was also set up by Ian. Karl Sonntag would tell Eric about Ian's firebase and weakness and offer advice to help him. He was later offer a transport back his comrades, thanking Eric for his kindness.[2]


As Ian's campaign to liberate Kentares drew to a close, he would be pressured between taking his late father's armory or rescuing his sister:

Rescue Sister[edit]

You are your father's son, young Duke, and more.

-- Karl commending Ian for his selfless act.

Should Ian decide to go after his sister, Damon Squire will help and successfully rescue Joanna. After the mission, Karl will let Ian know how proud he is of him for his actions. After William's death on Kentares, Joanna will be confirmed as the Duchess with Karl proposing a toast in her honor in the palace.

Raid Supplies[edit]

I hope your weapons serve you well. For I no longer will.

-- Karl parting ways with Ian after being disappointed with his actions.

Should Ian decide to go after the Armory, Joanna will die and Damon Squire will not join Ian after the mission, presumed to be dead. After the mission, Karl will show Ian a holovid of Joanna's fate after he secured the armory. Karl later expresses his frustration and disappointment in him, telling Ian that he is no better than his cousin by allowing his family to die from House Steiner all for the sake of power. After wishing Ian luck in his final battle, Karl later decides to part ways with him. After William's death on Kentares, Ian will be confirmed as the Duke with Karl absent from the palace, due to his disgust. (This is the canon ending.)

Behind the Scenes[edit]

In the live-action cutscenes, he is portrayed by actor Terrance Stone. In the expansion pack, Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight, he is voiced by George Ledoux.


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