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Karl Timson

Karl Timson
AffiliationFilthy Lucre

Karl Timson was a Colonel in command of the full Filthy Lucre regiment in 3050.


Colonel Timson was stationed on Dixie when raiders from the Free Worlds League struck on New Year's Eve, 3049. The Filthy Lucre Battalion routed them, forcing the bandits to flee towards Carpathia's battalion on the outskirts of town. Despite being specialists in urban warfare, Mjaor Myron Carpathia refused to safeguard Dixie civilians. The senior Lyran commander on scene, Kommandant Mandingo Gluck of the Dixie TMM, demanded Carpathia continue pursuit, an order Carpathia refused. Upon his return to base Gluck ordered Carpathia's battalion arrested for dereliction of duty, breach of contract, and cowardice. But in fact, when Karl boarded Gluck, kew than, in reality, this was a "company store" ploy by the Commonwealth to secure a contract extension into 3050.[1]

Timson didn't wanted to leave the Commonwealth, but had no alternative, so he activated Condition Dragoon, and the next day, he saw Gluck again, to inform him than his debts to the Commonwealth had been payed, and the captive Lucre men were freed at gunpoint and the regiment signed on with the Free Worlds League. Gluck threatened to capture the Lucre's dependants, but they were already off planet. When Timson threatened to attack Dixie's military targets, Gluck had to concede and let them depart. Timson felt very bad for the departure of the Lucre for Lyran service.[2][3]


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