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Katana Kat


The Katana Kat is an individual Panther BattleMech and family heirloom of House Tetsuhara.[1][2]


Katana Kat was gifted by Coordinator Miyogi Kurita to Jackson Hayes in 2865.[3] Hayes would change his family name to Tetsuhara.

Down in the line, it arrived to Minoru Tetsuhara, who was presumably a MechWarrior himself, as he was a teacher at the renowned Sun Zhang Academy.

It was piloted by Minoru's eldest son Minobu Tetsuhara by 3021, but he was denied the right to pilot a 'Mech following the events on Dromini VI, and then passed to his brother Fuhito Tetsuhara, who used it during the Ronin War and the War of 3039, partaking in some of the same battles as future Coordinator Theodore Kurita.

The "Katana Kat" continued down through the family line and was serving in the Ninth Sword of Light regiment when the unit joined The Republic of the Sphere.[4]

As heir to the Tetsuhara clan from her mother's side, Katana Tormark was in possession of the PNT-9R Panther Katana Kat. During her campaign as leader of the Dragon's Fury, she fought in a BattleMaster or an NX-23L Nyx named Kolyu instead, loaning Katana Kat to Brotherhood MechWarrior Abeda Measho.[5][4][6]


Though the 'Mech had always been described as a standard PNT-9R Panther, in MechWarrior Online it was (apocryphally) given different stats with advanced technology:

Apocryphal Variants[edit]

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The information after this notice comes from apocryphal sources; the canonicity of such information is uncertain.
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  • PNT-KK Katana Kat 
    MechWarrior Online's apocryphal version of the Katana Kat piloted by Minobu Tetsuhara features a large amount of LosTech equipment unavailable during his life time. PGI's Katana Kat is armed with a PPC in each arm and retains the normal center torso SRM-4 rack. The addition of a second PPC is made possible through the use of 140 rated XL engine and an Endo Steel frame. A single ton of reloads and ten double heat sinks keep the Katana Kat in the thick of battle.[7]

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