Katarina Mann

Katarina Mann
Katarina Mann
AffiliationHouse Mann
SpouseMichael Cameron[2]
ChildrenJonathan Cameron
Jocasta Cameron
William Cameron

Katarina Mann was the wife of First Lord of the Star League Michael Cameron.[2]


Early Years[edit]

Duchess Katarina Mann was considered a beautiful and intelligent woman whose family lineage could be traced back to the fifteenth century. She was born and raised on her family's estate outside Magdeburg in northern Germany. She graduated from the War Academy of Mars where she became a superb aerospace pilot, a capable officer, and a scholar of ancient European history. The duchess was also proficient in karate.[2]

Mann was assigned to the Thirty-fourth Fleet Aero Wing aboard the Vengeance-class DropShip Nimitz, which was attached to the Forty-ninth Naval Flotilla.[2] They were part of the show of force the Star League sent to the Rim Worlds Republic border in early 2651 to put pressure on Tadeo Amaris and his political ambitions, who had doubled the size of the Rim World's military in a mere three months, ultimately prevailing when Amaris disbanded his extra BattleMech regiments.[3][4]

Mann's military career was cut short when her father passed away in 2653 and she returned to Terra to assume her father's position as the political and economic leader in her home region. She coaxed several major defense industries into building factories there, sparking a boom in the regional economy. Mann first met First Lord Michael Cameron on his visit to one of these factories.[2]

Marriage to Cameron[edit]

Katarina Mann and Michael Cameron dated for several years and their courtship was followed by the entire Terran Hegemony. In 2659, they became engaged, and their marriage took place in the Christian Cathedral at the Court of the Star League. The medieval-styled ceremony was remembered as one of the grandest pageants in League history.[2]

The married couple embarked on a two-year tour of the entire Inner Sphere aboard the First Lord's private JumpShip, escorted by a fleet of both military and private vessels. They visited all five member states and the four Periphery territories and charmed the nobility and public wherever they went. Both the economy and political relations benefited from the voyage.[2]

The couple eventually settled down on Terra, where after an adjustment period, owing to Mann's reluctance to put her responsibilities as First Lady over other concerns, she became the First Lord's closest advisor and voice for caution and peace during the coming crises.[2]


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