Katie Ferraro

Katie Ferraro
Character Profile
Born Ca. 3126[1][2]
Affiliation Fox Patrol
Rank Captain[3]
Profession MechWarrior
Parents Scarecrow (adoptive)

Katie Ferraro was, as of 3148, cofounder and commanding officer of the Fox Patrol.[3][4]


Katie grew up on Jerangle. Her parents supported her in her dreams of becoming a MechWarrior, and in her youth, they arranged for her to be apprenticed to one of Jerangle's few 'Mech Techs, Potsdam Town-based Scarecrow. In 3142, her parents died in an accident and Scarecrow took her in.[1]

On 13 May 3143, while exploring the wilderness around Potsdam, Katie came across a forgotten Kell Hounds Kit Fox, lost for decades. She repaired the BattleMech in secret, intending to surprise Scarecrow with it. At the end of July, a surprise came that drove her hand: the Red Stripe Raiders attempted to extort money and supplies from Potsdam. Motivated both by the need to protect the town and a 12,500 kroner reward for fending the pirates off, Katie revealed her 'Mech the next day, destroying the Red Stripe Raiders. She then began negotiations for an ongoing protection contract with Mayor Marjorie Warhammer, moving on to a budding career as a mercenary.[1] Scarecrow continued to teach Katie and helped her maintain and improve the Kit Fox, but before May 3145, he died of cancer.[3]

In the coming years, Katie continued working as a mercenary. Along the way, she was approached by a two-person mercenary unit, debt-ridden boyfriends Arkee Colorado and Evan Huxley; in exchange for repairs, they joined under her command, making her Captain and first commanding officer of a new unit: the Fox Patrol. The unit did small jobs around Jerangle, running at a narrow profit margin.[3]

On 22 May 3145, Katie, as part of the Fox Patrol, helped destroy the Jerangle Raiders in defense of the city of Gothenburg.[3]

For three years, Katie's unit kept working on Jerangle, building up funds until at last, in August 3148, Katie purchased a rundown and allegedly 'hot' Confederate-class DropShip, the Fox Den. Able to move off-planet, the now six-person unit moved on to Kaesong to hunt a bandit 'Mech on behalf of the magistrate of Vangelis City. Once the job was done, their employer refused to pay.[4]


Katie piloted the Kit Fox she found in the Jerangle wilderness. She gave it the name Kagekitsune.[1][3] She felt a strong personal connection to her 'Mech, one that kept her from replacing it.[4]


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