This article is about the conventional fighter design. For the DropShip, see Katya (Vessel).
Katya Ground Assault Craft.jpg
C-904 Katya Ground Assault Craft
Production information
Manufacturer Ceres Metals Industries
Equipment Rating
Use Ground Attack Aircraft
Strike Fighter
Garrison Unit
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Conventional)
Introduced 3067[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Engine (Type) Rawlings 210 Air Turbine
Fuel 2 tons
Armament 4x Rocket Launcher 15s
2x Light Machine Guns
Armor Mujika AeroShell Light
Crew 1
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Katya Ground Assault Craft is a conventional fighter designed by Ceres Metals Industries for the Capellan Confederation in the mid-3060s. The inexpensive craft was designed as a low-cost garrison aircraft to help the Confederation's Home Guard. Built using components of the Guardian STOL Fighter, Ceres made the design attractive to the Strategios by lowering the cost of parts to maintain the aircraft. The fighter began production on Capella and was later expanded to Tikonov by 3067.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Katya's main weapons include four 15-tube Rocket Launchers mounted in pairs in each of the craft's wings. As part of its role as a strike fighter, the ship carries a pair of nose mounted GM MiniStorm Light Machine Guns with a full ton of ammunition.

Designed as a short-range strike fighter and also to keep the craft from becoming an easy victim over the battlefield, the Kayta's designers deliberately made the craft with only two tons of fuel and only one and a half ton of armor. Powered by a conventional Turbine engine, the craft is able move speedily across the battlefield with some hopes of avoiding combat it was designed to handle.[3]


  • C-905 
    The C-905 variant of the Katya features four heavier 20-Tubed Rocket launchers in the wings, with a pair 10-Tubed Rocket Launchers in the nose with Light Machine Guns. BV2=????[4]
  • C-906 
    This variant consists of lightest rocket payload of the three designs that were first produced. It has four of 10-Tubed Rocket Launchers mounted in its wings, while still featuring the design's original Light Machine Guns. BV2=????[5]

Related Designs[edit]


The Kayta Ground Assault Craft has only been presented in Handbook: House Liao with it and its variant's record sheets. As of this writing, no battle value has been assigned in canon to this design at this time.


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