Katya Kerensky (31st c.)

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Katya Kerensky II
Katya Kerensky
Born 3025[1]
Died 3???
Affiliation Clan Wolf

Katya Kerensky - (Born 3025)[1] thirty-first century Clan Wolf Clanswoman, MechWarrior, and Loremaster of the (new) Clan Wolf.

Character Personality/Traits[edit]

In her youth, she was noted for her demeanor, keen intelligence, and possessing air of authority.[2] Later in life, she showed a knack for organization.[3]


Early Life and Character[edit]

Named after the wife of Aleksandr Kerensky and mother to Nicholas Kerensky, Katya was rumored to be the distant gene-child of Ulric Kerensky, his great-granddaughter in Inner Sphere terms.

Affiliated politically with the Wardens faction, she was ristar among original Clan Wolf. She had earned her Bloodname in 3047 at age 22, making her the second youngest to win a Bloodname after Natasha Kerensky. Through trial and determination, she rose among the ranks to Star Captain. By the time of the Clans' return to the Inner Sphere, she was assigned to Alpha Galaxy as commanding officer of 279th Battle Cluster's Trinary First, which also known as the Whirlwinds.

Katya Kerensky at age 22.

Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere[edit]

As part of Operation Revival, she led the Whirlwinds in actions on two Federated Commonwealth worlds of Chateau and Vulcan. On Vulcan, her Trinary fought alongside the Galaxy's Supernova Command unit, and its 279th Battle's sister unit, the Trinary Second. The Wolf forces faced off with the 1st and 2nd Vulcan Armored Brigades on the battlefields of Hades Funnels and Abernathy Way in September of 3050.[4] Those small unit actions, highlighted her abilities which brought her to the notice of higher rank command officers.

In June 3052, she participated in the Wolf Clan Council on Tukayyid. She motioned for Loremaster Conal Ward to close nominations for saKhan, ensuring the acclimation of Phelan Ward.[5]

After the conflict intelligence on her, suggested she was to be transferred to the Golden Keshik.[6]

The Refusal War and in the Service of Khan Vlad Ward's Clan Wolf[edit]

In course of the Refusal War, Katya had stayed behind and did not journey with the Warden aligned Wolves to Arc-Royal.

She willingly became part of the new Clan Wolf that Khan Vladimir Ward established. She was influenced by Khan Ward's triumph of resurrecting Wolf Clan, pledging herself to him in his efforts to rebuild the Clan. She was put in command as Galaxy Commander of newly formed frontline force, the Delta Galaxy. Katya was credited for whipping Delta into shape from its mixture of frontline and garrison galaxy origins.[7] She was also elevated to position of Loremaster of Clan Wolf. At first seen as means to attempt to heal the political wounds of remaining Warden faction members that remained in the Clan. However, later it was became more obvious that it was move to prevent the Clan's most powerful Warden opponent from being able to influence what largely became near total Crusader aligned Clan Wolf.[8]

Two years since Delta Galaxy had come under Kerensky's leadership, it had shaped up to become frontline Galaxy.[9]

After the Jihad began, Katya's duties to the Wolf Clan's intelligence agency, the Watch increased. In so, this gave an excuse for Khan Ward to position the Crusader-aligned Star Colonel Dirk Radick as her executive officer of Delta Galaxy. He believed this would allow Katya to have more time to dedicate all her responsibilities and also undercut her Warden influences in the Delta ranks. During the course of the war, her executive officer became convinced in her belief that the Word of Blake's aggression was more important than political differences. This would help reaffirm her as the controlling influence of Delta as its commanding officer. [10]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Wolf

Succeeded by


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