Katyusha Lumilova

Katyusha Lumilova
Also known as Katyusha Kerensky
Died 2796[1]
Spouse Aleksandr Kerensky
Children Nicholas Kerensky[2]
Andery Kerensky[2]

Katyusha Lumilova was the wife of Aleksandr Kerensky, and the mother of Nicholas Kerensky and Andery Kerensky.


Born Katyusha Lumilova, Katyusha met Aleksandr Kerensky in 2749 when she was a staff officer assigned to the Citadel, but their relationship did not begin until after her retirement from the SLDF. Katyusha married Aleksandr in a small private ceremony in 2759, more than 17 years before the Exodus began, but her identity was kept secret to protect her and her children from possible harm during the politicized Star League era and the following brutal Amaris regime.[2]

For over a decade after Amaris' conquest of Terra, Katyusha headed a Moscow-based resistance cell, specializing first in small acts of sabotage and propaganda. When the SLDF returned, her activities increased in scale and number. Though nearly captured several times, and shot twice, she proved to be an effective guerrilla fighter.[3]

On 18 February 2777, during the initial invasion of Terra, Aleksandr conducted an assault on Moscow to rescue Katyusha, their children, and members of their rebel cell.[4]

Katyusha was responsible for the naming of the Clans' capital world, Strana Mechty — Russian for "Land of Dreams."[5] Later, the capital city of the planet would be named for her.

In 2796, Katyusha died from a mysterious fever.[6]


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