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Kautz (Bloodname)

The Kautz Bloodname was a Clan Coyote founding name.[1]


After the Blood Scandal in the late 30th century Coyote Khan Tatiana Steele called down a Reaving upon the Bloodhouse, effectively annihilating it. All warriors and offspring were put to death in order to cleanse the taint of their treason against the Clan.[2] But after the events of the Wars of Reaving and the caste uprisings spurred on by the Society, Clan Coyote found itself critically short on untainted Bloodlines for a time. Khan Leo Koga would lift the Reavings on these largely untainted and sealed heritages; some would even remain exclusive to the Coyotes.[3]

Known Bloodname Holders[edit]

Bloodname Founder[edit]




Field Officers[edit]


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