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Kedika Moors

Kedika Moors
Died 21 December 3074
Affiliation Word of Blake

Kedika Moors (born - died 21 December 3074) was the commanding officer of the 32nd Division during its involvement in the Word of Blake's military operations on Luthien in 3073 and 3074.[1]


Kedika Moors was commanding the 32nd Division when it arrived on Luthien in February 3073, tasked with assisting the 9th and 42nd Shadow divisions in defending the Imperial City, following the departure of the Sathen's Snipers mercenary unit due to battle fatigue.[1]

Moors was (presumed) killed during the Second Battle of the Takashi Memorial Spaceport, when Clan Ghost Bear's Rho Galaxy hot-dropped over the 32nd's positions at the spaceport, resulting in 75% casualties in the initial assault and execution of the remaining survivors in the aftermath.[2]


  • Jihad Turning Points: Luthien does not explicitly indicate Moors died in the assault; only that the Bears hunted and executed all Blakists following their assault on the spaceport. In the absence of any indication otherwise, it is presumed Moors was present and killed by the Bears during or following the battle.


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