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Kellen Armatage

Kellen Armatage
Character Profile
Affiliation Word of Blake
Profession MechWarrior


Kellen Armatage was a MechWarrior in the Word of Blake before and during the Jihad. During the Blakist occupation of Atreus, Armatage was an Adept IX-rank Level II commander within the Fifteenth Division, piloting a FNHK-9K1B Falcon Hawk, distinguished by the black skull emblazoned on its torso. Kellen earned the nickname "Bloody Shepherd" in recognition of the way in which he and his command were able to routinely flush out insurgent and resistance forces from the cities on Atreus. Kellen was frequently personally involved in these hunts, using his 'Mech's advanced electronics to force hidden armored units out of cover before cutting them down.[1]

The Fifteenth Division was still on Atreus in 3077, alongside the Thirtieth Division, when the Second and Eighth Free World Legionnaires arrived to liberate Atreus. The Thirtieth was reported as having been destroyed completely by the Legionnaires, with the Fifteenth also being reported as destroyed despite the extensive use of tactical nuclear weapons by the Blakists. A handful of Blakists were reporting as having managed to withdraw offworld.[2][3] The Free Worlds Legionnaires were particularly angry with the Fifteenth because they had been responsible for most of the fighting against the Knights of the Inner Sphere. The chemical attacks the Blakists unleashed on unsuspecting civilians and Parliament only exacerbated the situation.[4] It is unknown if Kellen Armatage was still serving with the Fifteenth when the Legionnaires landed, and if so, whether he survived the campaign.


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