Kelly Hunt

Kelly Hunt
Character Profile
Affiliation Independent
Profession Merchant


Kelly Hunt was a merchant that is send to deliver a message from King Hendrik Grimm III to Redjack Ryan on Butte Hold on 14 September 3028. In the message, Grimm explains how the Fourth Succession War will forever alter the political landscape in which their pirate realms have flourished. Despite their animosity he invites Ryan to Oberon VI, offering a mission that will set the two of them up to survive the future. Grimm claims that he is acting as a middle-man of the Draconis Combine, who seek to hire the pirates to support the defensive efforts.

On 25 December, Hendrik Grimm III realizes that the ComStar reports he received, together with the lack of a report from Agnar Haggerty, indicate that his plan has failed. Worse, Ryan and Maria Morgraine have joined forces against him and hit a secret munitions factory on Placida that produced almost half of the ammunition for the Oberon Confederation's infantry troops and also some 'Mech ammunition. Only Kelly Hunt could have supplied this information to the Greater Valkyrate forces, and Grimm orders the merchant be brought before him.[1]

He survived the encounter as by 3049 he hires the Idle Hands mercenary unit to retrieve a data core from a Shatterdog Shipping corporation facility on Black Earth, the unit succeeded in securing the core but was subsequently mostly wiped out by enemy reinforcements on 8 July 3049. Sigland Idleson was the only one to get back to the DropShip. Following an argument about payment with Kelly Hunt, the embittered and guilt-ridden Idleson secretly transfers half the data from the data core to the Grasshopper, then has Hunt drop her off on Erewhon to settle down as a livestock farmer.[2]


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