Kenneth Jespersen

Kenneth Jespersen
Character Profile
Born 3062
Affiliation Torvald family (formerly Jespersen family)

Kenneth Jespersen (b. 3062 - d. ????) was the last Patriarch of the Jespersen family in the Thirty-first century.[1]


Kenneth Jespersen became the last Patriarch of the Jespersen family of the JàrnFòlk in 3073, at the age of ten. The decline in fortunes of the Jespersen family began with the proposed merger of the Jespersen and Torvald families by Jon Jespersen, who had arranged a marriage to Magda Torvald. Jon's plan was bitterly opposed by two of his sons, Magnus and Peter Jespersen, opposition which culminated in Magnus bursting into his father's suite and assassinating him - a legal act, within the definitions of the JàrnFòlk culture. What was rather less legal were the deaths of Magda and her maid of honor - and sister - in the crossfire.[1]

Peter arranged for Magnus to be acquitted of the crime via legal maneuvering, an act that earned Peter a number of Death Marks and the continuing enmity of the Torvald family, who were determined to obtain justice for the deaths of Magda and her sister. A younger son of the Torvald family, Javier Torvald, planted a bomb on the Jespersen estate on Hofn that killed Magnus, Peter and a substantial portion of the remaining Jespersen family, as well as half of the Jespersen estate. In the aftermath of the bombing Kenneth was determined to be the oldest surviving Jespersen, and to atone for the actions of his family Kenneth married into the Torvald family. This ended the feud, and the Torvalds then absorbed the Jespersen holdings on Hofn and the Jespersen sælgeflåde, reducing the number of ruling families among the JàrnFòlk to eight.[1]

Titles and Ranks[edit]

Preceded by
Peter Jespersen
Patriarch of the Jespersen family

Succeeded by


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