Kenzo Yamata

Kenzo Yamata
Kenzo Yamata

Kenzo Yamata was a ComStar ROM handler.[1]


Partnership with Black Inferno[edit]

Sometime in the early thirty-first century before 3015, Precentor Kenzo Yamata was one of the heads of ROM in charge of ComStar forces that had discovered a Star League fortress buried on Xinyang that had been lost for almost three hundred years. Inside one of the excavated buildings was an ancient star map carved into one of the walls containing the locations of Star League bases, settlements, and weapon depots that were also lost to time. Yamata partnered with Andreas Kane and his recently formed Black Inferno mercenary group, letting them set up a base of operations on Xinyang and supporting them both financially and with BattleMechs,[2] in order to pillage those sites for whatever Lostech they could find while shielding them from retaliation by any of the Great Houses.[3]

There was a missing section of the Xinyang star map and Yamata had reason to believe Nikolai Mason had the coordinates to something massive within that section out in the Periphery.[2] On 21 May 3015, Black Inferno attacked the Nik's Cavaliers base on De Berry Prime,[4] killing Mason and salvaging his Victor, but could not find the coordinates they were after and believed it had escaped aboard the unit's Leopard-class DropShip.[1]

The Cavaliers had been gradually rebuilding their strength over the years under the command of Nikolai’s son Jake Mason and finally started striking back at Black Inferno, interfering with their operations. Yamata and Kane saw an opportunity to both confront the persistent Cavaliers and also make another attempt at acquiring the Periphery coordinates by staging an ambush on Cavanaugh. They spent weeks planning a two-pronged attack aiming to box the Cavaliers' 'Mechs on-planet while hitting their DropShip with aerospace fighters in low orbit. The operation failed and Kane recalled the commanding officer back to Xinyang to face punishment from both him and Yamata. Little did they know that the Cavaliers had intercepted their message and now had the location of their base.[1]

After taking back possession of Nikolai's Victor from an Black Inferno reclamation facility on Eaton III, the Cavaliers attacked the Xinyang base with a vengeance, razing every facility they encountered on their way up to the main fortification. Andreas Kane made his stand against the Cavaliers and died fighting, but in doing so provided Yamata the opportunity to escape off-world to continue his pursuits in the Periphery.[2]

Operations in the Periphery[edit]

Sometime between the Helm Memory Core discovery in 3028 and the founding of the Free Rasalhague Republic in 3034,[5] the Cavaliers decrypted one set of coordinates that had been hidden in Nikolai's Victor, sending them out into the Periphery beyond Draconis Combine space. Partnering with Interstellar Expeditions, the Cavaliers captured Yamata's stellar research facility in the HD-276914 system, which had been used to aid the Explorer Corps in searching for more lost Star League facilities as well as tracking the movement of people and ships through that region of space.[6]

After the Cavaliers destroyed a communications hub in the HD-417328 system used to help coordinate Yamata's operations in the Periphery,[7] they unlocked another set of coordinates and landed on Godwin Prime in the HD-389202 system. There, they encountered a ComStar field base tasked with excavating for Lostech at a massive Star League spaceport and searching for clues to what else might lie waiting out in unexplored space. Yamata was currently on-world overseeing operations and, upset that the Cavaliers had caused him enough trouble for a lifetime, attempted to confront them himself on the battlefield. He died without ever knowing what Nikolai Mason's final set of coordinates would have revealed.[8]


Kenzo Yamata piloted an ANH-1A Annihilator.[8]

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Kenzo Yamata was voiced by Brent Mukai.[9]


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