Kerensky (currency)

The Kerensky or KE is the currency used by the Clans for the transactions between them.


This "macro-currency" allows financial institutions to operate and for the smooth transfer of goods without having to barter materials. Largely electronic, physical forms of Kerenskies do exist for limited use: small coins two centimeters across represent denominations of 1, 5, 10, and 20 KE, while larger two-by-four centimeter rectangular blocks represent larger values of 100, 1,000, 100,000, and 1,000,000. Both coins and blocks are minted in gold and contain ID chips and chemical compounds to prevent forgery.[1][2]

Most profits made by the Merchant Caste come from traditional exchange of materials, however several also put emphasis on futures trade. Clan Diamond Shark was the main proponent of these ventures, as was Clan Nova Cat before becoming outcasts. By buying up the necessary equipment one Clan can underwrite another Clan's mining or exploration effort in exchange for a percent of the profit. If successful profit is made at minimal effort, while failure means the Clan must absorb the expense.[3]

Maintaining and tracking the flow of work credits and Kerenskies is the job of each Clan's "central bank" – in truth a series of institutions associated with major mercantile concerns. Besides working with the civilian administration to arrange the transfer and remuneration of funds, they also serve to provide loans, especially by those with the most assets. The borrower must pay a fee determined by the duration of the loan and sum involved, and must put up collateral equal in value to the loan. A default on the loan results in ownership of the collateral passing to the institution, even in the rare cases when the loan is made to another Clan. Refusing to honor the deal is possible but such a thing happens just as infrequently. Clan Jade Falcon in particular earned a reputation for their banking practices, giving rise to the phrase "as sharp as the talons of a Falcon banker".[3]


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