Kesar Jerricho

Kesar Jerricho
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Rank Khan

Kesar Jerricho (born 27?? - died 28??) was the first saKhan of Clan Coyote.[1] He would succeed Dana Kufahl as Khan upon successfully challenging her to a Trial of Possession for the Khanship, after it had become obvious that the death of Andery Kerensky had left her unable to properly fulfill her duties.[2]


Early Life and the Coyotes[edit]

Very little information on the pre-Clan life of Kesar Jerricho has come to light. He was among the 800 who followed Nicholas Kerensky into exile on the Second Exodus, and was selected to be the saKhan of Clan Coyote, serving under Khan Dana Kufahl after the Clans were first unveiled by the Great Founder.[1][3]

Operation Klondike[edit]

During the Coyote assault on the continent of Abyssinia, Kesar Jerricho would win a great victory at the city of Luyden, leading twenty three warriors into a battle that saw them defeat nearly twice their number of enemy 'Mechs.[4]


When Khan Kufahl learned of the death of Andery Kerensky, her mental stability became an issue. Cycling between depression and mania, her ability to function effectively as Khan of Clan Coyote became an issue. SaKhan Jerricho respected his Khan very much and wished her and her reputation no harm, but he knew something had to be done soon or the Clan as a whole would suffer. He came up with a novel solution using the framework of Nicholas Kerensky's new society: He challenged her to a Trial of Possession for the title of Khan of Clan Coyote. He would go on to win the challenge, which enabled Dana Kufahl to step back with dignity and the respect of her warriors. She would leave for a time, roaming the desert called the Broken Sea on Strana Mechty for a couple years, seeking healing through her tribal rituals and time itself. When she returned, she would serve as an adviser to her Clan, as well as an inter-Clan ambassador.[2][5]

Path Through the Golden Century[edit]

Khan Kesar Jerricho would reign for many years, commissioning a series of BattleMechs that would help eventually lead up to the development of the OmniMech during the term of his successor, Gerek Tchernovkov.[6][7] Khan Jerricho and saKhan Tchernovkov would side with their Clan Wolf allies in both the Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan and the Absorption of Clan Widowmaker. He would also target Clan Cloud Cobra for their scientific laboratories and technologies,[8] made easier by the fact that the Cloud Cobras had suffered a great deal of internal strife that is not subject to public record.[9]


A knack for intuitive opportunism would become a hallmark of the Coyotes throughout the Golden Century. Khan Kesar Jerricho would be the first to put this talent to use, utilizing the Clans' system of military contests and trials for nearly everything to his Clan's advantage, mirroring the prized survival traits of their Clan's totem animal - adaptability and opportunistic cognizance.

As the saKhan - and later, Khan - of Clan Coyote, Kesar Jerricho is remembered most for taking the reigns of the Clan when a change was desperately needed. Without this incident, the history of this Clan might be very different. As the founder of the Jerricho Bloodname House, his genetic heritage has produced high-quality MechWarriors for his Clan for literally hundreds of years.[10]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by
Gerek Tchernovkov
Preceded by
Dana Kufahl
Khan of Clan Coyote

Succeeded by
Gerek Tchernovkov


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