Kester Hsiun Chi

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Warlord Kester Hsiun Chin in 3025
Kester Hsiun Chi
Born 2968
Affiliation Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery
Profession Warlord of the Pesht Military District
Warlord of the Galedon Military District

Kester Hsiun Chi (Born 2968 - Died 30??) was an officer in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery who would serve as Warlord of both the Pesht Military District and then later the Galedon Military District. A pragmatic man and an excellent officer, he would loyally serve both Coordinator Takashi Kurita and Takashi's son and heir, Kanrei Theodore Kurita.


Early Life and Career[edit]

Born to a minor noble family on the planet Midway in the Draconis Combine, a chance encounter with an Internal Security Force agent led him to pursue a military career. He attended the Sun-Tzu School of Combat and further attended the very prestigious Wisdom of the Dragon academy on Kagoshima. After graduating from the Wisdom of the Dragon, he was assigned to the equally prestigious 5th Sword of Light.[1]

Chi served with distinction during his time with the Sword of Light, eventually reaching the rank of Sho-sa. During the Third Battle of Glenmora, a PPC hit on his 'Mech's cockpit injured him to the point he had to receive a prosthetic left arm. During the final years of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita's reign, Chi refused orders to walk his troops into an obvious ambush. For his insubordination, he was publicly whipped, left in the sun for a week, and demoted to MechWarrior.[1]

Despite these setbacks, Chi persevered, and some years later had regained the rank of Sho-sa. Takashi Kurita had, by this time, inherited his father's throne, and he recalled reading the report of Chi's demotion. Re-classifying the action a "prudent preservation of the Dragon's resources", Takashi promoted Chi to Chu-sa, and offered him the position of aide to Warlord Vasily Cherenkoff of the Dieron Military District. During his years serving Cherenkoff, Chi became his most trusted advisor, helping to shape several effective strategies.[1]

Warlord of Pesht[edit]

In 3014, Simpson Mitsumasa, Warlord of the Pesht Military District, passed away from cancer. Coordinator Takashi Kurita immediately appointed Chi to the position, though Chi had been hoping that Cherenkoff would be moved to Pesht and he, Chi, would be promoted Warlord of Dieron. Though he served loyally and competently in Pesht, he saw little real action as the District did not border either the Federated Suns or the Lyran Commonwealth. This situation caused Chi much boredom, as for the most part he was forced to satisfy himself commanding his troops against Periphery pirates. As Warlord, he also served as Duke of the district capital of Pesht, but even then he spent much of his time on Luthien. He found himself considering retirement.[1]

During this time, Tai-sho Marcus Kurita, commander of the Otomo and Chief of Strategies of the DCMS, contacted Chi, expressing the hope that together, they could gain new positions offering them both greater opportunity. Knowing that General Kurita coveted his cousin Takashi's throne, Chi avoided becoming entangled with the younger Kurita's plots.[1] As Warlord, Chi attended the Coordinator's "Black Room" meetings at Unity Palace on Luthien, meeting with the other Warlords, the Director of the ISF, Subhash Indrahar, and the Coordinator himself. At one such meeting in 3025, Chi demonstrated an impressive insight and regard for matters in the Free Worlds League and Capellan Confederation with respect to the Combine's enemies. The Coordinator even privately considered that Chi might be wasted at his current post, though the time was not right for another change to his Warlord council.[2]

Warlord of Galedon[edit]

That time would come in 3028, however. Grieg Samsonov, Warlord of the Galedon Military District, had completely mishandled the situation with the mercenary Wolf's Dragoons, leading to the disastrous Battle of Misery. Finally having enough of Samsonov's machinations and failures, the Coordinator ordered Samsonov removed from office and executed. [3] He would promptly appoint Chi to the position on Galedon, with Marcus Kurita taking Chi's old position in Pesht. The Coordinator also allowed Chi to bring the 6th, 7th and 10th Pesht Regulars to supplement his new command. [4]

This came just in time for the Fourth Succession War, which saw some of the most devastating fighting to engulf the Inner Sphere in centuries. Chi, most notably, was charged with finishing the job at which Samsonov had failed : to destroy Wolf's Dragoons, who had left for House Davion and were now protecting the under-defended border with the Combine's Galedon District. Chi mobilized nearly the entire Galedon Regulars brigade, attacking the Dragoons on Harrow's Sun, Wapakoneta and Glenmora. Though the Kuritans took all three worlds, they were unable to completely destroy the Dragoons, and they had taken tremendous casualties in every battle. Chi was forced to replenish the units with green soldiers straight out of the academies as he sent his troops to Crossing for a final showdown with the Dragoons. Reinforced by their own Zeta Battalion and the 10th Deneb Light Cavalry, the Dragoons defeated the DCMS forces. [5]

Fortunately for Chi, the Coordinator apparently did not ultimately hold him responsible for this failure, as he retained his post. Indeed, Chi's forces captured several worlds from Davion's Draconis March during the Fourth Succession War, including those of the so-called "Galtor Thumb". The capture of Galtor III in particular, site of a humiliating Kuritan defeat in 3025, was a particularly rewarding victory to the DCMS, and the capture of the Norse BattleMech Works on Marduk was a major boon to House Kurita's military industry.

In June 3031, Chi was absent during a "Black Room" meeting on Luthien. During that meeting, it was revealed that Marcus Kurita was again trying to contact Chi. ISF Director Indrahar and Warlord Cherenkoff successfully played on Takashi's paranoia, leading him to place a watch on Chi, though even Indrahar doubted Chi would ever join in any subterfuge of Marcus'.[6]

In March 3034, Chi was present at a meeting where Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita revealed the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic, despite extraordinary objections from Coordinator Takashi and Warlord Cherenkoff, who vowed to crush the rebellion of the Rasalhague Military District. Like Hirushi Shotugama, Warlord of the Benjamin Military District, Chi was disturbed by these events, but did not become hostile to the Dragon's heir. The younger Kurita then solicited Chi and Shotugama's advice on whom to appoint as Tai-shu of the new Alshain Military District.[7] Though he would take no direct part in the Ronin War, Chi ultimately became a major supporter of Theodore's military reforms.

In 3038, Chi met with Theodore Kurita's staff, in preparation for the coming conflict with the Federated Commonwealth. It was here that he was assigned Dechan Fraser and Jenette Rand to his command. The two were former members of Wolf's Dragoons, and were now in command of the Ryuken-roku. They had spent several years helping Kurita rebuild the Ryuken and the DCMS as a whole. Though the two former Dragoons were initially uneasy with the Warlord of Galedon, they soon realized that Chi was nothing like his predecessor.[8]

War of 3039[edit]

When the War of 3039 finally arrived, the Combine and the Galedon Military District were ready.

In July 3039, Chi personally led several conventional regiments in supporting the Ryuken-yon on Harrow's Sun. The Ryuken were combating the mercenary group Miller's Marauders, as well as AFFS Special Forces and a pro-Davion civilian insurgency. After driving the Marauders off the planet, Chi would move on, leaving some infantry units to pacify that world.[9]

In August, Chi arrived on An Ting with the Ryuken-yon and more conventional regiments to support Dechan Fraser's Ryuken-roku against the 17th Avalon Hussars and 1st Davion Guards, commanded by Field Marshal Ardan Sortek. By the end of the month, the AFFS forces were forced to concede the planet.[10][11]

In that same month, Chi dispatched elements of the 21st Galedon Regulars to Bergman's Planet on a reconnaissance mission, suspecting that world had been conquered. Discovering that the mercenary Lindon's Battalion had supported yet another pro-Davion insurgency that had effectively taken control of the planetary government. Dispatching the remainder of the 21st Regulars to deal with the mercenaries, Chi's forces ultimately reclaimed the planet.[12]

With An Ting secure, Chi sent the Ryuken-yon on to Huan to assist in repelling that world's invaders. Merely sending the Ryuken was sufficient to convince the AFFS and the 2nd Dismal Disinherited to depart the planet.[13] Overall, Chi and his district weathered the storm in impressive fashion.


Sometime prior to 3050, Kester Chi stepped down as Warlord. Li Dok To would take his place. [14]


During his years as Warlord, Chi piloted an early version of the Grand Dragon BattleMech, most likely a DRG-1G model. [1]

Warlord Hsiun Chi was a tinkerer and was knonw to take his spare time taking apart his Grand Dragon, trying to coax some more speed or agility from it. He also was skilled in working with wheeled vehicles.[15]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Chi was talkative and friendly and had a reputation for being kind to his troops, uncommon traits in a Kuritan officer and virtually unheard of for a Warlord of that time.[1] He was particularly polite and cordial to Dechan Fraser and Jenette Rand, knowing their past allegiance to Wolf's Dragoons and working hard to put them at ease, which made for a more effective working relationship.[8] His ability and dedication to the Dragon was evident throughout his military career, recovering from several setbacks to become one of the most powerful men in the Combine. Indeed, in the aftermath of the Fourth Succession War, one report claimed that Takashi Kurita considered Chi his best and most level-headed General at the time.[4] Nevertheless, Chi recognized the merit and necessity of Theodore Kurita's reforms, and became a staunch supporter of the younger Kurita.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Simpson Mitsumasa
Warlord of the Pesht Military District

Succeeded by
Marcus Kurita
Preceded by
Grieg Samsonov
Warlord of the Galedon Military District

Succeeded by
Li Dok To


  • There is a discrepancy in when Chi was in service to the Warlord of Dieron. His entry in House Kurita (The Draconis Combine) clearly states his service in Dieron ended in 3014, after serving Cherenkoff for some time. However, multiple sources, including House Kurita (The Draconis Combine), make it clear Cherenkoff did not even become Warlord of Dieron until 3020. It seems likely that Chi actually served one of Cherenkoff's predecessors, but this remains unconfirmed.
  • At the time of Chi's graduation from the Wisdom of the Dragon academy, it was mandated that five years of flawless service was required to be deployed to the elite Sword of Light regiments.[16] It is therefore odd that he would be appointed to the 5th Sword of Light just after finishing with the Wisdom of the Dragon. However, as there have been other examples of this occurring with other characters, the mandate regarding the Sword of Light brigade may be discounted.
  • There are conflicting reports of how much of the fighting against Wolf's Dragoons Chi could have been held responsible for. Though none doubt Takashi Kurita was obsessed with the mercenaries, some reports claim that Chi did not have full control over the Galedon Regulars and other Kuritan troops that attacked the Dragoons, and was unable to restrain them.[17] This is just as well, as there were several reports of war crimes committed by DCMS troops in an effort to exterminate the Dragoons.


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