Kevin Tamar

Kevin Tamar
Character Profile
Affiliation House Tamar
Position Leader of the Tamar Pact
Founder of the Lyran Commonwealth and one of its nine initial Archons
Profession Noble

Kevin Tamar was the leader and last ruler of the Tamar Pact, and one of the founders of the Lyran Commonwealth.


In 2338, three Rim Worlds Republic JumpShips strayed into Tamar Pact space and were mistaken by the defenders for Kuritan raiders. Realizing that the Republic's anonymity would soon end, First Consul Maxwell Rowe took the initiative to meet with Kevin Tamar in March 2339. Each man found the other to be surprisingly cultured and civilized, and they parted with an agreement of neutrality. From Tamar's standpoint, this freed his people from having to look over their shoulders during their conflicts with the Draconis Combine.[1]

He was present on Arcturus in 2339 where he met Thomas McQuiston and Robert Marsden in what was the first meeting to create the Lyran Commonwealth, and by 2441 the Terran Hegemony recognized the new state.

It took until 2346 for the three of them to agree on the nine Archon system and select the Archon Basileus. The system was not working very well and was very unstable. Robert Marsden spent several years studying his enemies' weak points and in August 2375 instigated a coup, making those errors visible and stripping them all of their power and imprisoning them for life.[2]


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