Khalus Pryde

Khalus Pryde
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Rank Star Colonel

Khalus Pryde was a trueborn warrior of Clan Jade Falcon during the final years of the Dark Age era.


A trueborn warrior of Clan Jade Falcon, Khalus Pryde was one of the few warriors—alongside Galaxy Commander Stephanie Chistu, Galaxy Commander Noritomo Helmer, and Star Captain Archer Pryde—suspected of working against Chingis Khan Malvina Hazen and her Mongol Doctrine[1]. As of 3151, Khalus was in command of the 1st Falcon Jaegers of Epsilon Galaxy[2]. He claimed to be of the blood of Aidan Pryde[3] and wore a Falcon Guards patch on his uniform in honor of his forebear[4]. He piloted a Jupiter BattleMech[2].

On March 7, 3146, in response to his perceived defiance, Khan Malvina Hazen sent Star Colonel Pryde and his Star against the Ghosts of the Avengers, an Inner Sphere rebel unit on Lyons. Outnumbered three-to-one, Khalus was expected to either conform to the Mongol Doctrine by slaughtering the rebels, sacrifice his honor and prestige with a loss, or die [5]. The Star Colonel was tactically victorious, having successfully killed the rebels' leader, as well as most of their armor and BattleMechs, although at the cost of his entire Star being crippled or destroyed and the loss of one of his best warriors. However, he failed to fulfill the Khan's original orders of completely crushing the rebels, as a light BattleMech and tank managed to escape. As a result of his failure, Star Colonel Pryde was forced to abandon his Crusader ways and to publicly embrace the Mongol Doctrine[6].

While the Star Colonel publicly followed Malvina's orders, Khalus privately continued to cling to the old ideas and beliefs of his Clan. The Chingis Khan knew Khalus's true inclinations and continued to assign him missions where he could either fail or die[7]. Time after time, the Star Colonel overcame insurmountable odds, at great cost to himself and to his unit[8]. By April 19, 3151, only he and Star Captain Archer Pryde were all that remained of the 1st Falcon Jaegers[9].



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