(Panthera Blindarus Kyotis)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld New Kyoto
Environment Equatorial jungles and grasslands
Average mass 82 kg
Average length 105 cm
Average height 82 cm

The Ki-rian is a predatory mammal found on the world of New Kyoto within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The ki-rian is a vicious feline hunter native to the Kalasaka continent on New Kyoto. Like the Kyotan Armor Bear, it too has armored plates along its back and head. In fact, the ki-rian was initially classified as another species of armor bear despite its different features due to this similarity.

Ki-rians are agile and aggressive pack hunters. They are blamed for thousands of death and injuries among the population on Kalasaka annually. Every few years, the natives wage a massive hunting campaign to reduce the ki-rian population. However, this practice only briefly contains this hardy species.[1]


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