Kilbourne Jorgensson

Kilbourne Jorgensson was Khan of Clan Ghost Bear until his death in 2921 during the Battle of Tokasha.

Kilbourne Jorgensson
AffiliationClan Ghost Bear


Kilbourne Jorgensson was the first Elemental elected Khan of Clan Ghost Bear. Khan Jorgensson was known to be a fierce warrior and a tactician. His Clan would compete with the Hell's Horses for possession of the world of Tokasha. He would lead his forces against Clan Hell's Horses in a Trial that would be known as the Battle of Tokasha. Although the Ghost Bears were losing the battle, the death of the Khan would turn the tide of battle.[2]

Personality & Appearance[edit]

Kilbourne Jorgensson was noted for his large stature like other Elementals. He was well-spoken and charismatic, breaking the stereotypes of the Elementals often being known as brutish and inferior. The Ghost Bear Clan would regard him as one of the most beloved Khans in their Clan.[2]

Death & Legacy[edit]

The loss of Kilbourne Jorgensson will never be forgotten. But we have had our measures of revenge. The Horses are misguided, but deserve respect for their courage and resourcefulness.

-- Clan Ghost Bear's opinion on Clan Hell's Horses

While giving a speech to his demoralized Ghost Bear warriors, he was killed by a Hell's Horses warrior. Both sides would stand for a full minute, realizing what happened. This would become the turning point of the Ghost Bears during the Battle of Tokasha, as the Clan was fighting in a berserk rage to avenge their fallen Khan. Kilbourne's death would spark a feud between his Clan and the Horses for many years to come.[2]

Kilbourne Jorgensson would also inspire what would be known as the Great Work. Though he was known for creating a Ghost Bear sculpture, his great work would take on variations. Some Bloodnamed warriors would range to different types of art, whether it be sculpturing, songwriting, or painting.

Another legacy of Kilbourne Jorgensson was the creation of the Stormcrow OmniMech. After defeating Clan Hell's Horses on Tokasha, the grief-stricken Ghost Bears sought to punish them in another manner. This took the form of claiming their factories and unearthing the secrets of one of their mechs, known as the Omni-Corvis, placing it on the Chatterweb. Though few clans sought to use this design, Clan Snow Raven was the only Clan to make use of this information to create the vaunted successor of the Omni-Corvis.[3]


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