Kill Zone

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Kill Zone
Product information
Type Anthology
Author Stephan A. Frabartolo
Jason Hansa
Travis Heermann
Kevin Killiany
Blaine Lee Pardoe
Craig A. Reed
Lance Scarinci
Jason Schmetzer
Development Philip A. Lee (Editor)
Pages 280
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 23 July 2019
ISBN-10 1942487886
ISBN-13 978-1942487883
MSRP 13.95 US$
Series BattleCorps anthologies
Preceded by Front Lines

Kill Zone (subtitle: BattleCorps Anthology, Vol. 7) is a print anthology of nine short stories (two of them connected) that had previously been published via BattleCorps throughout 2010, plus one previously unpublished story (Arms of the Destroyer). Futher, it includes two chapters from Jason Schmetzer's Redemption Rift, a foreword by editor Philip A. Lee and an "About the Authors" section.

This 2019 continuation of the BattleCorps anthology series is notable insofar as both the preceding BattleCorps anthology and the final BattleCorps story had been published in 2016; the site went offline a few months later. The line of print anthologies continued in 2017 with the somewhat unique Legacy anthology, but this was published as a BattleTech anthology, and not under the BattleCorps moniker. For this reason, Kill Zone is listed as both the 7th "BattleCorps" anthology and the 8th "BattleTech" anthology (though the latter count omits the early Shrapnel anthology and the BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction book).

The front page cover image was re-used from the original 2008 cover of the Tactical Operations rulebook. The scene seems to be the final stage of the battle narrated at the end of the story Those Who Stand High.

From the back cover[edit]


A young Davion MechWarrior seeks to repay a debt incurred by the misfortunes of the Fourth Succession War. A tightly-knit farming community bands together to repel vicious pirates or risk losing their livelihoods...and their lives. A Kurita MechWarrior given a final chance to serve the Dragon stands alone against renegade mercenaries. And the survivors of a crash-landed Steiner command must hold the line against ravenous Word of Blake forces to protect the Allied Coalition's quest to wrest Terra from the Blakists' unyielding grip.
KILL ZONE: BATTLECORPS ANTHOLOGY, VOLUME 7 collects the very best of the short stories published on the BattleCorps website from 2010. Charge into the war-torn future to experience nine stories filled with BattleMech combat, heroism, betrayal, honor, and duty.
BattleTech authors Kevin Killiany, Blaine Lee Pardoe, and Jason Schmetzer, alongside fan favorites Craig A. Reed, Jr. and Jason Hansa are showcased in this anthology, which includes an all-new tale from Scribe Award-nominated author Travis Heermann.