Killian Squarn-Turk

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Killian Squarn-Turk
Character Profile
Died 2680
Profession Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force

General Killian Squarn-Turk was the Commanding General of the Star League Defense Force from 2646 to 2680.[1][2]


General Squarn-Turk's service was largely unremarkable, for the most part continuing the programs started by his predecessors. One of his two major contributions was the expansion and deepening of the curriculum at SLDF military academies, based on the general's belief that officers had to be intelligent and sophisticated as much as they were deadly.[1] The other was his controversial change to allow retiring soldiers to buy their weapons with their muster-out bonus (barring any proscribed Hegemony technology, of course). The policy was originally aimed at combating pirates and other criminals, as many retired soldiers become private security guards in the Periphery,[1] as well as building up a large body of well-armed reservists.[3] However it raised concerns about the proliferation of weapons amongst the populace, especially in cities.[1]

It was during Squarn-Turk's tenure as Commanding General that First Lord Michael Cameron issued the Council Edict of 2650, which reduced the military each member state and territorial state was allowed to maintain below those levels agreed at the founding of the Star League, with SLDF inspectors being responsible for confirming the reductions had taken place. It was also during Squarn-Turk's tenure that units from the various Houses were allowed to enter the Martial Olympiad, beginning in 2676, although no House unit ever won an Olympiad.[3]

General Squarn-Turk would die of natural causes in 2680[1] and was succeeded by Admiral David Peterson.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Nicholas Kinnol
Commander-in-Chief of the Star League Defense Force

Succeeded by
David Peterson


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