Gargoyle (Man O' War)

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Gargoyle (Man O' War)
Production information
Manufacturer Wolf Clan Site OZ-1
Tokasha Mechworks
Production Year 2945[1]
Model Prime
Class Assault
Cost 26,038,312 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mech type Clan OmniMech
Mass 80 tons
Chassis Clan Series Assault SXC (Standard)
Armor Forging C629/j Ferro-Fibrous
Engine 400 Model SF-3 XL
Communications System Raldon R1
Targeting Tracking System Version Kappa-III TTS
Heat Sinks 16 Double heat sinks
Speed 86.4 km/h

Primary Configuration

BV (1.0) 1,342[2]
BV (2.0) 1,537[3][4]


The Gargoyle is an extremely fast assault OmniMech developed with the Timber Wolf as replacements for the first-generation Woodsman OmniMech. The Gargoyle is therefore commonly seen among Clan Wolf, and was a featured assault OmniMech during the Clan Invasion. The Gargoyle earned the name Man O' War from the Inner Sphere forces because of its effectiveness. Along with the Timber Wolf and Naga, the Gargoyle debuted in 2945.[3][5][6][7][8]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Gargoyle is capable of reaching ground speeds of up to 86.4 km/h thanks to its massive 400 Model SF-3 XL Engine, accounting for over twenty percent of the 'Mech's mass. Built on a standard structure, the Gargoyle has sixteen double heat sinks in its base chassis, which can dissipate heat from most of the Gargoyle's configurations quite effectively. The Gargoyle carries eleven tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor which is light for its size, but provides protection equal to that of most heavy 'Mechs. Even the Gargoyles relatively light twenty-one and half tons of available pod space emphasizes speed; all Gargoyle configs mount weaponry almost exclusively in the arms, reducing the amount of time required to alter the weapon systems; however, with most of the weaponry placed in the arms, the Gargoyle is at the risk of being disarmed by a couple of well-placed shots.[3][5][6]

The Primary Gargoyle configuration is capable of engaging enemies at a variety of ranges. For long range encounters, the Gargoyle has two LB 5-X Autocannon that are capable of firing both solid rounds and cluster ammunition, making the 'Mech effective against aircraft and vehicles. For short ranges, the 'Mech has two SRM-6 launchers and a single ER Small Laser which provide adequate close in protection. [3][5][6]

Alternate Configurations[edit]

  • Alt. Config. A 
    Also an effective all around 'Mech, the A configuration ups the firepower with two ER PPCs as its primary long-range weapons. These are supported by a Large Pulse Laser for intermediate range engagements and a Medium Pulse Laser, ER Medium Laser, and ER Small Laser for close combat. BV (1.0) = 2,166[2], BV (2.0) = 2,689 [3][9]
  • Alt. Config. B 
    Configured almost exclusively for long range combat, the B configuration of the Gargoyle carries a powerful Gauss Rifle backed up by an LRM-10 launcher linked to an Artemis IV FCS, allowing it to keep its distance from enemy units. For self defense at short ranges, the 'Mech has an SRM-4 launcher which is also enhanced with an Artemis IV FCS. The main drawback to this configuration is its over reliance on ammunition based weaponry, making it effective only so long as it has sufficient ammunition for its weapons. BV (1.0) = 1,631[2], BV (2.0) = 1,843 [3][10]
  • Alt. Config. C 
    A dedicated close combat configuration, the Gargoyle C carries as its primary weapon a powerful Ultra Autocannon/20 that has twice the rate of fire as a standard Autocannon. This is supported by a brace of six ER Medium Lasers that make the 'Mech a highly effective brawler. To protect itself from infantry knee-capping attacks in an urban environment, the 'Mech has three Anti-Personnel Pods. BV (1.0) = 1,969[2], BV (2.0) = 2,417 [3], 2,437[11]
  • Alt. Config. D 
    The D configuration of the Gargoyle is armed with two ER Large Lasers for long range combat. These are backed up for short range engagements with three highly accurate Medium Pulse Lasers and an ER Small Laser. The 'Mech is frighteningly accurate due to its advanced Targeting Computer, which increases the accuracy of all the weapons in this configuration. BV (1.0) = 2,248[2][12], BV (2.0) = 2,499 [3][13]
  • Alt. Config. E 
    This variant makes use of Clan technology developed in the 3060s. An ATM 12 in the right arm has enough ammunition bins to make use of all of the types available to an Advanced Tactical Missile Launcher. Four Heavy Medium Lasers provide a powerful punch as short range, while a Streak SRM-6 can exploit those holes. A pair of ER Micro Lasers round out the offensive armament. A Targeting Computer makes the lasers more accurate. BV (2.0) = 2,257 [3][14]
  • Alt. Config. G 
    This close-range configuration mounts a powerful LB 20-X Autocannon that is capable of punching holes in an enemy's armor with its slug rounds, then exploiting the exposed components with its cluster munitions. Four ER Medium Lasers provide additional firepower, while a trio of Anti-Personnel Gauss Rifles deter unarmored infantry. BV (2.0) = 2,156 [3][15]
  • Alt. Config. H 
    Configured to take advantage of new Heavy Laser technology, the H configuration is a capable 'Mech at any range. For long range jousting with an enemy, the 'Mech has an LRM-10 launcher. This is backed up by an Ultra Autocannon/10 and a new Heavy Large Laser for intermediate ranges. Finally, for added punch at close range, the 'Mech has two ER Medium Lasers. BV (1.0) = 1,821[2][16], BV (2.0) = 2,183 [3][17]
  • Alt. Config. M 
    The Gargoyle M mounts an ER PPC and a Hyper-Assault Gauss Rifle 20 to strike holes in an opponents armor. Three SRM-2s seek to damage the components that larger weapons expose. BV (2.0) = 2,182 [3][18]
  • Alt. Config. T 
    The Gargoyle T was introduced in the Dark Age. It carries an ATM-9 and TSEMP Cannon from the Inner Sphere in the left arm. The right arm carries six ER Medium Lasers while a Small Pulse Laser is in the center torso. Three tons of ammunition are provided for the ATM system. BV (2.0) = 2,800[19]

Custom Configurations[edit]

Apocryphal Configurations[edit]

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These variants were introduced in various apocryphal sources, and thus far have not appeared in any canonical media.

From MechWarrior Online:

  • GAR-KW "Kin Wolf" 
    A customized variant of the Gargoyle allegedly piloted by Ulric Kerensky, the Kin Wolf uses an LB 2-X Autocannon in its left and right arms. In the left torso, a pair of Streak SRM-4s . A Streak SRM-6s and an AMS with one ton of AMS ammo is carried in the right torso. Both torsos carry a ton of LBX and Streak ammo. [21]

Apocryphal Content Ends

Related OmniMechs[edit]

  • Woodsman - The Gargoyle was designed as a replacement for the First-Generation Woodsman heavy OmniMech.[3]
  • Timber Wolf - A second successor to the Woodsman heavy OmniMech, the Timber Wolf was designed with the Gargoyle.[3]
  • Naga - A third successor to the Woodsman, the Naga still bears an uncanny resemblance to the predecessor. The engineers of the Naga extended the torsos of the Woodsman laterally in order to fit a pair of Arrow IV artillery systems. Although reviled by most warriors, the Naga's capabilities as a fire-support platform have kept it active in the Clan Wolf touman for over a century.[7][8]

Notable Pilots[edit]


In German products the unit's proper Clan name was left unchanged. The unit's proper Inner Sphere name was changed to Galeere, which means Galley. This was supposedly done, because of the jellyfish Portuguese man o' war, which is called Portugiesische Galeere in German.



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