The modern abbreviated version of "Kindred Associations", Kindraa is a Clan term used to define one of the groupings exclusively used within Clan Fire Mandrill. The plural form is also Kindraa.[1]


Originally condensed as Kindrasc, each of these groups acts/reacts as a "mini" Clan within the overall Clan Fire Mandrill structure that is roughly equivalent to a standard Clan Galaxy in size. Each Kindraa is centered/organized around one or two Bloodnames, a single powerful one supported by one or more lesser bloodnames to reduce (already ubiquitous) inbreeding. The majority of the other Clans find this division to be foolish and/or a sign of weakness. Each Kindraa acts independently of the others, occasionally even openly fighting amongst themselves, but all unite if a threat or insult is offered to the whole of the Clan.

Most Kindraa were pro-Crusader in viewpoint, ensuring that Clan Fire Mandrill was counted amongst the ranks of the Crusader Clans, while some Kindraa were inclined towards the Warden philosophy.

This fractious nature and inter-Kindraa strife ensured that Clan Fire Mandrill was rarely able to act with one purpose, and contributed significantly to that Clan's demise during the Wars of Reaving.

List of Kindraa[edit]

Of the fourteen original Kindraa, only seven remained by 3059.[2] One was annihilated while others combined or were absorbed by stronger Kindraa.


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