Kirc Cameron-Jones

Gerald Cameron-Jones
Gerald Cameron-Jones
Died18 September 3077[2]
AffiliationHouse Cameron-Jones
Title(s)Prince of Regulus
ParentsLynn Cameron-Jones (mother)[3]
ChildrenTitus Cameron-Jones[4]

Kirc Cameron-Jones was a Free Worlds League nobleman, aerospace pilot, politician, and self-styled Prince of Regulus.


Kirc Cameron-Jones was a womanizer and a known political opportunist.


Early Life[edit]

Before becoming Prince, he served as aerospace pilot for the First Regulan Hussars and fought in the Andurien War.[5]

As Prince of Regulus[edit]

Taking the Office Principality of Regulus, Kirc Cameron-Jones resurrected the title "Prince" which was once used by the Selaj family which his own clan replaced.[6]

Kirc Cameron-Jones (2).jpg

Kirc built up an opposition bloc in the League's Parliament which he led against Marik.[7] He been noted for his seeking to protect the League from itself by using legal means.[8] Like his father before him, Kirc harbored dreams of becoming the Captain-General of the League. In public has been staunch opponent of Captain-General Thomas Marik during his reign. Many of Captain-General Marik's military reforms which his Regulan Hussars have not favored, have been slowed down or not been implemented.[9] Kirc had cited that cultural precedent that Hussar would not change some of its ways. However, due to Kirc going along with the Military Reformation Act, the Regulan Hussars have suffered from low priority for supplies.[10]

During this time, Kirc betrayed his wife (while still married to her) and number liaisons with other women. This later caused a rift between himself and his son, Titus.[11]

The Jihad and the Downward Spiral as Prince[edit]

On 7th of August 3069, Kirc made a League-wide address denouncing Captain-General Thomas Marik. Since it had been revealed that the standing Captain-General was not a true Marik, Kirc saw this as an opportunity to finally grab power for himself. Reviewing "false" Thomas Marik efforts to try convince the League Parliament to make his post permanent. He makes this address to the League, that he enacts the provisions of the Act of Succession document, which begins process of succession. In accordance to the act it gives the right for the Marik family to choose successor. By backing the "false" Thomas Marik, they forfeited the right to choose. Since the next eligible candidate for the Captain-Generalcy was the false Marik's father-in-law Duke Christopher Halas, he was suspect due to his association. Kirc claimed Halas was invalidated as well, and so he declared himself the only rightful ruler of the Free Worlds League. Using the powers of the Act of Succession, all federal authority, is transferred to post of Prince of Regulus. Thus he claimed to be Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. In his first act, in the address he cites Thomas Marik is order arrested should he try to give orders to federal authorities or any party agreeing take orders.[12]

However days later, Paul Marik, announced from Atreus that his daughter, Corinne Marik had been installed as Captain-General.[13]

By early 3071, it became public that Kirc had become involved in a romantic relationship with a holo-screen actress named Sonja Amora. Where he seen with her at Agra Theater in Regulus City, stunning onlookers of beauty. She becomes his consort and close advisor.

After receiving reports in February from Kirc's Regulan SAFE agent, Enid Ashkelon, that indicated evidence (later proven to be false) existed tying Oriente leader Grand Duke Christopher Halas to the resurrected Scourge of Death terrorist group assassination plots, Sonja advises Kirc to strike back at Oriente for the sake of the League after the formal announcement of his intentions.[14]

Against the advice of his military liaison officer, Colonel Mark Branhauber, he has a large task force of vessels, including the Regulan WarShip Attica, move out to strike number of key worlds in Oriente.[15] The invasion conducted executed in April 11th, encounters heavy resistance in the form of Oriente's Thera-class carrier, FWLS Santorini and its WarShip escorts. Kirc loses his corvette to Oriente forces as part payment for his attack.[16]

In June of 3072, the 49th Shadow Division's better Naamah's Nightwalkers invades Regulus. His haste, Kirc tries evacuate his love, Sonja from the palace. However, elements of the Nightwalkers enter the palace and trap Kirc and Colonel Branhauber. Sonja reveals that she is Naamah, the Nightwalker's commanding officer. Kirc confused, not believing tries reason with her to no avail. Sonja's executive officer, a Manei Domini cyborg named Dantalion, arrived and then killed Branhauber when he resisted. As Kirc tries one last time talk Sonja, he chokes him. Sonja commands release him and tells him that it was his attempting take throne of the League was why she came to him. Shouldering blame for this attack on his nation, and allowing his military forces invade Oriente on false reports. She leaves him in his palace while rest of Regulus City burns.[17]

This encounter left Kirc emotionally traumatized and paranoid. After fire of what 49th Division's invasion called now Night of Fire cooled. Kirc ordered loyal forces to commence a purge of the Regulan military and civilian populations in June. Over a million people (many of them innocent) were affected by these internments used find traitors. Kirc enlists his estranged son, Titus, to find the hidden traitors who aided Naamah in her mission against him and Regulus.

The purge lasted six months, with thousands of innocents put in mass graves due to Kirc's growing paranoia. Having announced to sphere of Sonja Amora or Naamah's betrayal to him and Regulus. He swore revenge for what she had done.[18]

During this time he also lays the groundwork for his revenge. He nominates his son to organize and create a military force to strike at the world of Gibson where the 49th Division was last seen. Giving Titus command of the Fourth Regulan Hussars, his son lays out his plans, called Operation Vijay. He recruits two famed anti-Blakist mercenary regiments, and additional smaller mercenary forces at Kirc's urging. Finding Titus's popularity growing too much for his tastes, Kirc has him arrested and replaced by longtime friend and former commander of the First Regulan Hussars, General Tomaso Kinchuhara. In haste Kirc orders the Task Force leave for Gibson in April 3073. In September word of the assault's failure reaches to Kirc. His paranoia peaking, he began work on another purge. However military officers gathered by Force Commander Michelle Ryan are able to free Titus Cameron-Jones from his incarceration.

Titus met with his father and convinced him peacefully to surrender leadership of Regulus to him. Kirc quietly retired from public life.[19]

As Grandfather and Retired Prince[edit]

After his retirement, Kirc was excluded from his son's wedding in April 3075.

Despite this, he publicly seen satisfied playing grandfather to his son's child. However, rumors suggest his influence caused the attack that led to the destruction of the prototype WarShip at the Loyalty Shipyards.

After the murder of his son's wife, Titus withdrew from public life. Many among Regulan population begun to look back Kirc as possibly resuming throne of Regulus.[1]


Kirc died on the 18th of September 3077; the subsequent autopsy revealed that he had been poisoned, with the most likely culprit being an agent of the Word of Blake.[2][20]

Character Notes[edit]

  • There is little information on Kirc Cameron-Jones' early life prior to events of the Jihad. What information presented here is all that could be accounted for.
  • Kirc Cameron-Jones was noted as being directly involved in the development of the T-IT-N14R Grand Titan Vengeance a heavily modified Grand Titan variant apparently specifically designed as a vehicle for the delivery of tactical nuclear artillery.[21]


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