Knights Defensor

Knights Defensor
Unit Profile (as of 3084)
Parent Formation none
Formed 3084[1]


The Knights Defensor were created by the Pope of the New Avalon Catholic Church on January 1, 3084. The Pope took this action after several of the Churches' missions, schools, and hospitals in the Outback were raided. Knowing that the AFFS was unable to protect the NACC's missions, the Pope looked back to the history of the Church and created the Holy Order of Knight Defenders based on the warrior orders once sponsored by the Church.

After the horrors of the Jihad, many soldiers who sought to do something more joined the Order. In addition to the sponsorship of the NACC, several wealthy citizens donated funds to the cause, allowing the Knights Defensor to operate within a year of the Pope's announcement. Stationed in the Periphery March, the Knights have their headquarters on June, but also have a Chapterhouse in every Combat Region, or PDZ, in the March. The Knights also have a Chapterhouse in the Filtvelt Coalition, where they not only defend the Church's interests, but work on construction and other projects.

Though they number somewhere between five and seven combined arms battalions, the Knights Defensor are usually deployed in Lance or Company sized formations. They have been known to take on escort or anti-piracy mercenary contracts, but only if the contract is in the Federated Suns. They have also performed missions or taken contracts for free if they judge it to be a worthy cause, such as defending a settlement from bandits.

All new members of the Knights Defensor are first sent to the June Chapterhouse for training before moving on to one of the other Chapterhouses.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Knights Defensor
Knights Defensor's Grand Master Hugh LeMond 3085


Hugh LeMond was an AFFS veteran of thirty years prior to joining the Knights Defensor.

Structure Details[edit]

The June Chapterhouse is the home of the Knights Defensor's Grand Master. The other Chapterhouses are led by Master Knights.



Composition History[edit]


June Chapterhouse (2 Battalions/Veteran/Fanatical)[1]

Farnsworth Chapterhouse (Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[1]

Anaheim Chapterhouse (Battalion/Veteran/Reliable)[1]

Broken Wheel Chapterhouse (Reinforced Battalion/Regular/Reliable)[1]



For every two 'Mechs or vehicles the Knights are outnumbered, they gain a +1 Initiative bonus, to a maximum of +3. If the Knights are evenly matched or have deployed more forces than their foes, they receive no bonuses.

June Chapterhouse[edit]

Since they're not used to working as a team, the members of this force receive a -1 Initiative penalty for the first five rounds of combat. If Grand Master is present, they ignore Forced Withdrawal rules.

Anaheim Chapterhouse[edit]

After selecting forces, roll 1d6 and divide by two. This is the number of Knights who receive the Blood Stalker special ability. This reflects their hatred of pirates. Master Knight Dyakonov is immune to this effect.

Farnsworth Chapterhouse[edit]

Located near the Raven Alliance the Farnsworth Chapterhouse Knights have been studying zellbrigen. When facing a non-pirate Clan force that invokes zellbrigen, the Knights will honor it at level two for both physical attacks and zellbrigen.

Broken Wheel Chapterhouse[edit]

If the Knights are the defenders in a scenario, they can hide one unit for every four they field. For every four units on the field, one has Green skill levels.


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