Knights of the Inner Sphere

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Knights of the Inner Sphere
Formed 3055[1]
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command

Created by Captain-General Thomas Marik, the Knights of the Inner Sphere were meant to reintroduce chivalry to the Inner Sphere. Both regiments were wiped out during the Jihad.[2]


Created by Thomas Marik in 3055 with the goal of civilizing modern combat, the Knights swore personal loyalty to the Captain-General to the exclusion of home planet or even family. The Knights pledge of loyalty extended to a commitment to a neo-chivalric honor and conduct. This dedication was exemplified by their combat dictates that forbid a Knight from firing into the back of an opponent and in their conduct with one another referring to other Knights as "Sir" or "Dame."[3] Their code of conduct was based on the chivalric codes of conduct of medieval Europe, and was stricter than the Ares Conventions.[4]

The Knights served as part of Task Force Serpent, the assault on the Clan Homeworlds. During that campaign, they served as the conscience of the SLDF command, preventing the use of morally-questionable expediencies.


During the Blakist Jihad, a chemical nerve agent attacked the Knights, leaving all of their number dead or crippled. In a single, brutal strike, this mighty unit became inert.[5][6] However, the survivors, a company strong, fought on for several years. In the year 3070, it has said they have destroyed more than a battalion of Blakist occupation forces.[7][8] In 3076, Thomas Halas launched an assault of mercenary units over Atreus. It is unknown if he tried to reclaim the planet or only wanted to rescue his wife, Sherryl. The operation ended in a disaster: the mercenary troops sent from Oriente were defeated in orbit around the planet, and the survivors of the First and Second Knights on the planet were slaughtered by pro-Blakist forces of the 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires and 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires.[9][10]

Following the Jihad, most of their equipment was gifted to the Republic of the Sphere, in the hope that Devlin Stone would "breathe life into the Knights" again. Their equipment was spread throughout the Republic Armed Forces, including a portion to the Knights of the Sphere, a new unit of Knights defending the Republic's values.[11][12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Knights of the Inner Sphere


Different per Unit.

Units of the Knights of the Inner Sphere[edit]

The Knights of the Inner Sphere consisted of two official regiments:

The Knights also had a third unofficial regiment, the mercenary unit Romanov's Crusaders, formed from non-League citizens who also heeded the Captain-General's call. Unwilling to integrate such a large number of foreign citizens into the FWLM, these volunteers were formed into a virtual "foreign legion" dedicated to the same ideals espoused by the Knight and ensuring their spread outside the League.[13]

Colors and Unit Insignia[edit]

Both units used white background paint with gold highlights for the 1st Knights and silver highlights for the 2nd Knights on key panels. The insignia of the Knights was a hand rising from a lake bearing a gleaming sword, painted on the left shoulder of each 'Mech.[3]


  • Benefiting their spotlight position in FWLM, the Knights had access to the most advanced military hardware the League could produce, including a number of designs such as the Albatross BattleMech which were reserved almost exclusively for the Knights.[3]



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