Knights of the Republic of the Sphere

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The title Knight of the Sphere was granted within the Republic of the Sphere.


The order was formed by Devlin Stone and David Lear in 3088.[1]



The title Paladin of the Republic is the highest true title within the order. Numbering eighteen members, seventeen Paladins and the Exarch form the Council of Paladins the ruling body of the Republic, with the final member being the secretive Ghost Paladin.

The further honorific title of Paladin Exemplar is bestowed upon the oldest serving Paladin.[2]


The title of Knight of the Republic is reserved for one hundred members of the order.[3]


The title of Knight-Errant of the Republic is the lowest true rank within the order, the total number of Knights-Errant at any given time reflects the number of worlds within the Republic.[3]

Honorary Knights[edit]

Republic Exarchs, from time to time, granted honorary knighthood to distinguished individuals, generally scientists and artists. Honorary knights included scientist Pierre Cormier and composer Eduard Bioucek.[4]

Known members of the order[edit]


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