Knute Kurita

Knute Kurita.jpg
Knute Kurita
Affiliation House Kurita
Free Rasalhague Republic
Profession Överste
Parents Mies Kurita (father)[1]

Knute Kurita (born 30?? - died 3050?) was an officer serving in the Rasalhague KungsArmé on the eve of the Clan Invasion.


A distant relation to the ruling family of the Draconis Combine, Knute was the son of Mies Kurita. Like every member of his family going back generations, Knute grew up in the Rasalhague Military District. When Rasalhague declared its independence in 3034 his loyalties were torn between his liege lord on distant Luthien and his friends, family, and upbringing.

Knute took part in the fight against the renegade ronin units, and later joined the newly-established KungsArmé.[1]

He received the rank of Överste in 3046, and by 3050 was the commander of the First Freemen regiment, stationed on Last Frontier.[2]

The 1st Freemen faced the Clan juggernaut in June 3050 when Clan Ghost Bear attacked Last Frontier during their third invasion wave. Outnumbered and outmatched from the start by the Bear's elite 1st Bear Guards and Silveroot and Ourse Keshiks, the fanatical 1st Freemen fought to the last man, extracting a heavy price for their defeat after a lucky strike inflicted heavy injuries on the Bear saKhan Theresa DelVillar which resulted in her death.[3][4] [5]

Most probably Knute Kurita died along with his unit.[citation needed]


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