Kodiak II

Kodiak II
Kodiak II
Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Weapons
Production Year 3095
Model Standard
Class Assault
Introduced 3095
Technical specifications
'Mech type Clan BattleMech
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Alshain LXL Endo Steel
Armor Forging AD56 Standard
Engine 400 Fusion XL
Communications System Garret L20
Targeting Tracking System RCA Instatrac Mark IX w/Artemis IV
Heat Sinks 20 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 64 km/h

Main Weaponry

BV (2.0) 3,066[1][2][3]


Designed for Clan Ghost Bear, the Kodiak II is an Assault-class BattleMech which was first produced during the last decade of the thirty-first century. The 'Mech was engineered so it could serve as both a Command 'Mech and as a powerful assault 'Mech via a fitting of a heavy arsenal of missiles and a large array of energy weaponry. The design is based on the fourth variant of the original Kodiak.

The Kodiak II would become a favorite design within the Clan Ghost Bear touman, being produced on Alshain at the Alshain Weapons factory. One of the Kodiak II's noted actions was during a border skirmish on the world of Jabuka, wherein elements of Clan Jade Falcon's 53rd Battle Cluster tangled with the 2nd Bear Regulars commanded by Star Colonel Anton Hall from the cockpit of a Kodiak II. The 'Mech would show its perseverance in the face of the 53rd's artillery bombardment of the Star Colonel's surviving units and ended up being the deciding factor which won the battle for the Ghost Bears.[4]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Kodiak II is known for its Command facilities and its endurance. The powerful 'Mech carries 19 tons of Alshain Weapon's Forging AD56 standard armor, giving it heavy resistance against weapons fire directed at it. At the heart of the machine is a 400-rated Extra-Light Fusion Engine, which while not as durable as other designs allows the 'Mech to carry its substantial weapons loadout.

The Kodiak II's long-range weaponry revolves around pair of arm mounted Type XX "Great Bow" 20-tubed Long-Range Missile Launchers, backed up by a single 10-tubed Type X "Short Bow" model found in the left torso. These missile launchers are guided by Artemis IV Fire Control Systems, allowing the 'Mech weapons to deliver its multiple tons of ammunition on target. Backing up the missile launchers is an Clan Mk. XVII Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon, found in the right torso. While it does need to close into brawling range to use them, the Kodiak II has 8 Series 1 Extended Ranged Small Lasers split between the 'Mech's two arm actuators. All the 'Mech's energy weapons are tied into a Targeting Computer found in the center torso.[5]


  • Kodiak II 2
    The second variant of the Kodiak II is known for its resilience as well as its accurate weaponry. Introduced in the early 32nd Century, the Kodiak II 2 utilizes a number of advanced technologies which includes three torso mounted HarJel III Self-Repair Systems. Aside from inclusion of the new repair system, the version of the Kodiak II differs only slightly from the original. While retaining most of 'Mech weaponry and the Targeting Computer, the 'Mech's long-range weaponry is swapped out for pair of Streak LRM-20 launchers, while the 10-tubed launcher is dropped. BV(2.0)=3,147[6][7][8]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Kodiak II has the following Design Quirks:

Notable Pilots[edit]

Related Designs[edit]

  • Kodiak - The original version of the Kodiak, this design was intended as a Totem 'Mech design for Clan Ghost Bear.


  • The Kodiak II seems to have been created to link up the visual disparity between that seen in MechWarrior 4 and MechWarrior: Dark Age, when compared to that of Classic BattleTech. The design features a more "robotic” appearance (joints set at a permanent 90° angle, less rounded limb construction, etc). while retaining the aesthetic bear’s head cockpit and claw appendages.


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