Kong Interstellar Corporation

Kong Interstellar Corporation
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Corporation Profile
(Connaught III)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)Loxley

Kong Interstellar Corporation was a defense manufacturer dating back to the Star League era.


During the Star League era, Kong Interstellar was a major defense contractor to the Star League Defense Force,[2] with manufacturing plants on at least two worlds: Connaught[1] and Loxley.[2] The Loxley facilities didn't survive the Succession Wars. By the thirty-first century, Connaught was the primary factory world for Kong Interstellar. The Connaught factory complex was severely damaged during the Succession Wars, losing its manufacturing abilities. It soldiered on as a repair and parts fabrication facility. These repair kits kept the company afloat, but were limited to the products Kong produced.[1] Only after the Clan Invasion did Kong begin to rebuild its manufacturing abilities and resume production of some of its products.[3]

In 3065, Kong Interstellar opened a new Ostsol production line in Ranelagh (Connaught's capital) that specialized in the 7M variant.[1]

The Connaught plant lost a quarter of its staff during the Jihad, but by 3079 was operating at 90% of its full output.[4]


Kong Interstellar Corporation has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Connaught:[5][6][7][8]
Component Type
KIC-3 Harvester Ant[6] IndustrialMech
OTL-7J Ostscout[1] Light BattleMech
OTT-12R Ostscout[9] Light BattleMech
OSR-6R Ostsroc[10] Heavy BattleMech
OTL-9R Ostsol[7] Heavy BattleMech
BL-6-KNT Black Knight[1] Heavy BattleMech
BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8] Heavy BattleMech
BL-18-KNT Black Knight[11] Heavy BattleMech
Kong Industrial Harvester Ant[6]
Kell/K Ostsol 9R[7]
Technicron Revised NT Endo-Composite BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Fusion Engine
GM 180 Ostsol 9R[7]
Light Fusion Engine
Vlar 300 Light BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Hermes 300 XL Ostsol[5]
Internal Combustion Engine
Leenex 60 ICE Harvester Ant[6]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Commercial/StarSlab Harvester Ant[6]
Valiant Lamellor Ostsol 9R[7] & BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Communications System
Barret 509p w/C3 Ostsol 9R[7]
Bassix 100 Harvester Ant[6]
Rander Comm-Marshal BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Targeting-Tracking System
Rander Dragonslayer w/Advanced Targeting Computer BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
TRSS.2L3 Ostsol 9R[7]
Small Laser
Tronel I Ostsol 9R[7]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics Ostsol 9R[7]
ER Medium Laser
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech) BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Magna Mk VI Ostsol 9R[7]
Large Laser
Diverse Optics Ostsol 9R[7]
ER Large Laser
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech) BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Small Pulse Laser
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech) BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
ER Small Laser
ExoStar Pinnacle (Clantech) BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Type DDS "Kingston" BLK-NT-5H Black Knight[8]
Snub-Nose PPC
Fusigon Smarttooth Ostsol 9R[7]
Heavy PPC
Magna Supernova Ostsol 9R[7]
Double Heat Sink
Kong Advanced Coolant TR-12 Ostsol[5]


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