Production information
Manufacturer StarCorps Industries[1]
Production Year 3077[2]
Use Assault
Weight Class Assault
Tech Base Inner Sphere[1]
Introduced 3077
Technical specifications
Mass 2000[1] kg
Top Speed 10[1] km/h
Armor Type Advanced Armor[1]
BV (2.0) 78[1]


The Kopis battle armor was designed by StarCorps Industries as an assault unit. Slow but heavily armed, the Kopis can remain on the battlefield supporting friendly units for a long time. The advanced armor used by the Kopis designers allows it to stand up to most weaponry, shrugging off anything short of a PPC or AC/10 hit. The low top speed is mitigated through the use of VTOL transportation for offensive operations, while smart commanders use the Kopis as a defense unit for cities or other tight terrain. In those restricted environments the low top speed isn't a factor. The standard model was given the nickname of "The Dark Alley".[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Carrying nearly as much firepower as a Succession Wars-era Stinger, the Kopis is equipped with a pair of Medium Lasers. Instead of mounting heavy missile racks that provide a few salvos of firepower, the Kopis' designers used energy weapons backed up by enough power packs to ensure that the armor would be useful on the battlefield for a long time. The power packs allow the Kopis to fire the lasers thirty times before running out of power.[1]

For anti-infantry work the Kopis mounts a Heavy Battle Claw and an Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount on each arm. These claws are fearsome melee combat weapons, and the AP Weapon mounts allow the trooper to carry smaller anti-infantry weapons without using the Medium Lasers.[1]


  • Anti-Infantry 
    Developed for the liberation of Terra introduced in 3078[3], this variant replaces the Medium Lasers with a single Medium Pulse Laser and a Flamer. It was used to fight the Word of Blake's infantry defenders on Terra. BV (2.0) = 57[1]
  • AI Mk IIr 
    Introduced in 3117[6] this refit of the AI Mk II suit uses the same basic configuration, but downgrades the Heavy Recoilless Rifles to Medium Recoilless Rifles. The space and weight that this frees allows the suit to carry Reactive Armor. BV (2.0) = 63[7]
  • Mortar 
    This variant introduced in 3120[8] uses the Mk. IIr Anti-Personnel suit as its base. It retains the Reactive Armor and Heavy Battle Claws, but all the weaponry is replaced with a pair of Heavy Mortars. BV (2.0) = 58[9]


Originally, the Kopis's standard model was without a name. However with the publication of the Cutting Edge edition of the Record Sheet: 3085, the "Standard Model" name is changed for the Dark Alley.[10]


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