Krag Jernberg

Krag Jernberg
Died 3052
Affiliation ComStar
Precentor IV


Krag Jernberg was a Precentor within ComStar who raised to command the 138th Division between 3049 and 3052.[1]

Along with the rest of the Tenth Army, Jernberg's 138th was assigned to assist the Ninth Army combat the fearsome threat of Clan Wolf during the Battle of Tukayyid. The green division was hidden on the western approach to the primary target city of Skupo in a series of zigzag trenches overlaid with a sensor canopy. As Khan Natasha Kerensky's elite 13th Wolf Guards advanced toward the green 138th's hidden positions, despite Precentor Jernberg's fanatical insistence that the Bandit's Bane would hold, Precentor Martial Focht held few illusions to the division's fate. Ignoring his personal friendship with the young Phelan Kell, in response to Jernberg's refusal to consider retreat the pragmatic Focht designated Phelan's Wolfhound IIC and the Black Widow's Daishi as priority targets, a job well suited to the infamous Exterminator Jernberg piloted.[2]

Viewing the relatively empty approach as too good to be true, the Wolves sent an AeroSpace Fighter Star to recon the area which discovered discrepancies between the area below and the Royal Rasalhague Geographical Society topographical data for Tukayyid which allowed them to locate the division's position. With a perfectly timed strike, the Star of Visigoths strafed the trenches where the 138th lay hidden just as Phelan's Ax Star reached them. Stunned by the assault, Jernberg ordered the 138th from hiding.[3] While any other unit would have broken in the face of such a point-blank ambush, the Wolf Spider's sheer stubbornness allowed them to hold their ground as both units slugged it out.

The turning point of the skirmish occurred when Jernberg's damaged 'Mech located and focused on eliminating Phelan's Wolfhound, when SRM fire from the Wolf Spider's supporting Elemental units punched through the openings in the Exterminator's battered armor, striking its Anti-Missile System ammo and gutting the 'Mech.[4] With the loss of its commander, the 138th began to fold in the face of the Wolf Spiders' ceaseless attack, leading the Precentor Martial to order the troops left to withdraw.[5] [6] [7] [8] [9]


Precentor IV Krag Jernberg piloted an Exterminator.[2]


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