Krauss-Liemann Incorporated

Krauss-Liemann Incorporated
Company Information
Previous Name(s) Krauss Heavy Industries
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Wotan
Primary Products BattleMech


Krauss-Liemann Incorporated (formerly known as Krauss Heavy Industries as early as 2470) was a weapons and BattleMech manufacturer based in the Rim Worlds Republic.[1] Their only design was the Phoenix BattleMech. The plant apparently operated from the Age of War through the Amaris Civil War.[2]

Early on, while other Republic companies had been attempting to develop experimental 'Mech designs in the late 2460s, none had succeeded until Krauss introduced the Phoenix. The company had nearly completed a prototype as early as 2470 until they were directed by Terens Amaris to integrate jump jet technology that had been "acquired" by the Republic's intelligence agency, AsRoc. It took another 4 years in a mad scramble to redesign the machine until the design team, led by Supervising Engineer Jack Krauss, Jr., finally completed a functional prototype in 2474 and another 6 years until said prototype was ready for production. Although the Phoenix was considered ready for service, in the field it was hampered by numerous problems. As a result, the First Consul Terens Amaris insisted Krauss focus all resources into perfecting the new BattleMech at the expense of nearly every other military contract on its list.[1]

Their prototype design went through almost a dozen refits, overhauls and upgrades over the next the 27 years in order to eliminate the Phoenix's main problems until they were resolved in 2507, just 13 years before Krauss would "modernize" the troubled BattleMech for the new century.[1]


Krauss-Liemann Incorporated has an manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Wotan:[3][1]
Component Type
PX-1R Phoenix[1] Medium BattleMech
PX-3R Phoenix[3] Medium BattleMech
Krauss-Liemann 12b Phoenix[3]
Fusion Engine
Magna 250 Phoenix[3]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
PanzerSlab Type 3 Phoenix[3]
Jump Jets
Gerard Special A Phoenix[3]
Communications System
Vex/Holden TriComm Plus Phoenix[3]
Targeting-Tracking System
Dillon QuadTrac w/Particle Cannon Suite Phoenix[3]
Stolz Harbinger 2 Phoenix[3]
Marklin Mini Packs Phoenix[3]


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