Kristoff Erbe

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Kristoff Erbe
Born 17 April 3101[1]
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Knight of the Republic
Parents Jacob Erbe (father)

Kristoff Erbe (b. 3101[2] - d. ????) was a MechWarrior and Knight for The Republic of the Sphere.

Character History[edit]

Kristoff grew up in the remote Zingara Province of Towne as an only child with his mother and father under the surname of Batiste. He enjoyed a quiet upbringing until 3105 when his father, Jacob Batiste, was identified by bounty hunters as the administrator of the Word of Blake re-education camp on Towne as Jacob Erbe. Kristoff would end up an orphan after both his mother and father committed suicide when their lives, both personal and business, were ruined even though Jacob was acquitted of all charges due to lack of evidence. Kristoff eventually ended up in the care of his aunt where he excelled in his education and eventually following his father and entering the legal profession.[2]

When he reached the age of 31, in 3132, Kristoff accepted the offer of becoming a MechWarrior and changed his surname back to Erbe in order to honor his late father. While in his training, Exarch Damien Redburn promoted many of the cadets to active duty Knight-Errants to quell the hot spots that were popping up with The Republic due to the Blackout of the Hyperpulse Generators. He was sent to his homeworld on the assignment of bringing the notorious "Little Luthien" killer to justice.[2]

After the days of Fortress Republic, Kristoff has become the commander of all the Knights that have flocked to the banner of Damien Redburn on Callison.[2]


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