Kyalla Centrella

Kyalla Centrella at age 49
Kyalla Centrella
Character Profile
Born 2981[1]
Died 3044[2]
Affiliation House Centrella
Position Magestrix
Profession Noble
Parents Tamara Centrella (mother)
Children Emma Centrella[3]

Kyalla Centrella was a Periphery Noblewoman and 16th Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.


Early Life[edit]

As with most members of House Centrella, Kyalla was raised to despise anything that came from the Free Worlds League, blaming specifically House Marik for the ills caused to the Magistracy, and to view the Inner Sphere in general with an eye of suspicion. This upbringing would cloud Kyalla's judgement when it came to dealing with the League and prove to have fateful consequences for herself and the Magistracy.[1][2]

As Magestrix of Canopus[edit]

Kyalla Centrella was elected to become Magestrix after the death of her mother, Tamara, in 3012. Once in office, she used her powers of seduction to win control over the royal court and pushed ahead for far-reaching social and economic reforms. She adopted a "service for a service" policy in her strategies to deal with foreign relations, which allowed more skilled technicians and scientists to come to Canopus from other states in exchange for supplying them with highly-regarded Canopian medical professionals. Unfortunately, Kyalla's personal life was less successful, as her insatiable desires resulted in several love affairs, ruined marriages, and palace plots.[1] At one point, she ordered the death of her second husband because he was attempting to usurp her throne. While his guilt was undeniable, Emma Centrella never forgave her mother for killing her father, knowing he had been driven to treason by her infidelity.[4]

In the mid-3020s Kyalla began secret negotiations with Dame Catherine Humphreys of Andurien regarding the possibility of an alliance against the Capellan Confederation. The Fourth Succession War had left the Confederation severely weakened, creating an opportunity for Catherine to destroy a hated enemy and exert more independence from the Free Worlds League. Kyalla saw an opportunity to destroy the League by helping one of its provinces secede, and recognized the benefits of raiding House Liao for resources. Years of mutual seduction resulted in their agreement to combine the two realms with a simultaneous invasion of the Confederation.[2][5] In order to seal this pact, Catherine's only unmarried son, the hedonistic Richard, was arranged to marry Emma, though the two developed a mutual hatred of the other which stalled the plan.[6]

In September 3030, the Duchy of Andurien announced its secession from the League and began the invasion of the Confederation alongside the Magistracy Armed Forces, touching off the Andurien Crisis. While there were some early reversals, the combined Andurien-Magistracy forces were achieving success against the Confederation, encouraging Kyalla in 3032 to order the expansion of the Magistracy's occupation zone.[7] Unfortunately the allies were unable to deliver an immediate knockout blow, and after recovering from the initial attacks the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces began hitting back in 3033, causing heavy casualties to the MAF.[8] By 3034 the Magistracy had realized its invasion of the Inner Sphere was doomed and began repositioning units to defend it territory for the seemingly inevitable counterinvasion. The Crisis effectively ended for the Magistracy in February 3035 as the last MAF units (including those under the command of Emma) escaped New Roland,[9] though the Confederation would launch a punitive attack on Canopus IV on 17 May as a warning for any future adventurism.[10]

The war had not been a popular idea to begin with, and with its dismal failure this criticism grew louder and centered on Emma, who had been public with her opposition. Kyalla expected her daughter to diffuse the situation by distancing herself from the opposition, but instead Emma only became more vocal against her mother's policies, increasing her popularity. In April 3039, Emma narrowly escaped an assassination attempt, one she blamed on her mother. Kyalla protested her innocence, then ordered Emma arrested on charges of espionage. On 8 May, Emma was brought before Kyalla in chains, but before the Magestrix could finish gloating her daughter calmly removed them and ordered her secret allies among the Royal Guards to take her mother into custody. Kyalla Centrella was thrown into the palace dungeons, and the next day was formally deposed when Emma announced that the palace physicians had declared her legally insane. She died four years later in 3044.[11][12]

Personality & Traits[edit]

Standing two meters in height, with dark complexion, dark wavy hair, and grey eyes, Kyalla had a muscular and trim body and knew how to use it. Wearing sleeveless garments or clinging gowns made of Canopian silk, Kyalla exuded power and charisma to seduce those around her (and, reportedly, was a student of ancient potions which could provide assistance when needed). In many ways typifying the realm she ruled, Kyalla was a libertine, her discreet devotion to the pursuit of pleasure leading to three divorced marriages and numerous love affairs. Her hedonistic ways were tempered by an equally strong desire to improve the lives of her people and she was known for showing respect to friend and foe alike.[1][2]


  • In the original Periphery book, she was born on the world of Luxen, hence her daughter being the Duchess of that world. However, in later publications her birth was said to be on Canopus IV.

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