Kyeinnisan 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-100.805 : -150.505[e]
Star names1
Spectral classM7V
Recharge time208 hours
Recharge station(s)Zenith (Roulette Station)

System Description[edit]

Kyeinnisan is located near the Jászberény and Emris systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

Kyeinnisan I[edit]

Kyeinnisan I
Kyeinnisan Flag.png
System positionFirst[citation needed]
Jump Point distance2 days[30]
Moons1 (Mandalay)[citation needed]
Surface gravity0.86[citation needed]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[citation needed]
Equatorial temperature24 C (Temperate)[citation needed]
Surface water53%[citation needed]
Highest native lifeReptile[citation needed]
Landmasses4 (Yangon, Shan, Kachin, Bago)[citation needed]
History and Culture
Population5,716,238,000[citation needed]
Government and Infrastructure
CapitalLuck City[30]
HPG ClassB[citation needed]

Planetary History[edit]

The citizens of the Free Worlds League have been known for their love of gambling and games of chance for centuries. The highest examples of this passion can be found on the world of Kyeinnisan or, as it is better known as, The Gambler's World. Within the many lavish, smoke filled casinos and gambling halls, every game of chance known to man can be found as well those willing to bet it all for a chance at wealth.

Kyeinnisan has escaped the worst of the fighting during the Succession Wars due to its position between The Protectorate and the Principality of Regulus. This fact, plus being an independent world separate from the many power plays of larger League members, has made it the center of gambling within the League and a top spot for gamblers across the Inner Sphere.[31] Wolf's Dragoons invaded in 3014 during Anton's Revolt, but respected Kyeinnisan neutrality and spent their occupation period gambling peacefully. When the Fourth Regulan Hussars attacked, seeking to destroy the First Orloff Grenadiers in 3146, they carelessly damaged protected businesses, bringing the Holy Rollers into the battle.

One would think that on a world dedicated to individuals risking everything they own that the crime would be a persistent problem. However, Kyeinnisan can boast having the lowest crime rate within the Free Worlds League. This is mainly due to the large and highly trained security force on world called the Holy Rollers. Every business owner pays a special fee to support this force for it has proven frighteningly efficient. Those operations who do not pay are not harassed or brutalized. Their establishments are simply not patrolled or monitored.[32] Those convicted to cheating in games of chance are subject to hefty fines and up to three years' imprisonment on the lunar penal colony.

Surveyed in 2168, the world was settled by colonists from Myanmar in 2257. The remarkably short transit to its jump point made it a preferred hub for traders plying the routes between the Marik Commonwealth, Principality of Regulus and Federation of Oriente, turning the world into a major trading port and logistics center for the nascent Free Worlds League. As trade eclipsed the traditional agrarian economy, the hospitality center of Luck City eclipsed the original capital of Sittwe, and became the new capital when the world's wealthiest families arranged a referendum in 2485 to replace the colonial assembly with the Council of 108, placing the world under oligarchic rule. Each year, the planetary elites bid for spots on the council, ensuring that the wealthiest remain in positions of power. Those entwined with scandal, no matter how rich, may still be ejected, as were Houses Lottimer and Jaggoda in 3057, and Regulan-aligned Houses after the failed Regulan invasion of 3146.

Buddhism predominates, though early influence of Regulan traders has led to near-universal veneration of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of luck. The festivals of Diwali and Thadingyut are the most important of the calendar, and gambling during those periods is considered a sacred act of devotion to Lakshmi.

Military Deployment[edit]



Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Yangon (continent)
    • Kispiox Forest: a forest west of Luck City[35]
    • Luck City: planetary capital[30]
      • The Cave: a gambling palace is the most popular spot on Kyeinnisan and thus the entire Free Worlds League[36]
      • The Eyry: aerial race arena
      • Xanadu: a casino with a 20-story dome
      • The Cameron: a marble-clad ziggurat
    • Madiera Mountains[37]
    • Sittwe
  • Shan (continent)
  • Kachin (continent)
  • Bago (continent)
  • Ngway Sea
  • Roulette station

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 40 systems (39 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Jászberény 9.4 Emris 11.9 Sophie's World 18.7 Avior 20.5
Tiber 23.2 Nova Roma 24.1 Kiyev 24.7 New Praha 25.5
Fuentes 28.4 Semenyih 28.6 Asellus Borealis 32.3 Lungdo 34.0
Drusibacken 35.0 Elektrougli 35.8 Asellus Australis 36.7 McKenna 39.1
Matheran 40.4 Daneshmand 41.9 August 41.9 Oceana 42.6
Ragusa 43.3 Sorunda 45.1 Kievanur 45.4 Harmony 45.5
Dayr Khuna 47.8 Köln 49.4 Salur 49.5 Muscida 50.1
Keystone 51.1 Pavia 52.1 New Olympia 53.3 Sarkel 53.6
Vanra 54.0 Ariel 54.1 Gomeisa 56.5 Loeches 57.1
Carbonis 58.8 Regulus 59.2 Dickinson 59.4 Jouques 62.0


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