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Kyotan Armor Bear

Armor bear.png
Kyotan Armor Bear
(Ursus Blindarus Kyotis)
Creature information
Type Mammal
Homeworld New Kyoto
Environment Temperate and subtropical woodlands
Average mass 900 kg
Average length 345 cm
Average height 195 cm

The Kyotan Armor Bear is a predatory mammal found on the world of New Kyoto within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The Kyotan Armor Bear resembles several ursine species from Terra. However, this species has thick plates that cover it's head and back reminiscent of the natural armor of Terran armadillos. These plates make the animal extremely resistant to anything but heavy weapons. In addition, this species is very aggressive, fast and fully carnivorous. Many of the first settlements on New Kyoto were decimated by these animals before organized hunting parties kept their numbers in check. Today, armor bears keep to the woodlands on the continent of Asharu, far from humans. Despite this, more than a thousand individuals are killed each year by these animals.

Due to these details, exporting armor bears off world is prohibited by Kyotan and Lyran law.[1] Despite these restrictions however, Kyotan Armor Bear were known in some circumstances to be tamed to an extent, for example for use in circuses.[2][3]


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