LB-X Carrier

LB-X Carrier.jpg
LB-X Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer Drago, Ltd.
Mission Fire-Support
Ambush Vehicle
Type Tracked
Technical specifications
Mass 60 tons
Armor Aldis Heavy Ferro-Fibrous
Engine GM 180 Fusion Engine
Speed 54 km/h
Crew  ???
Communications System Initrode Widecom
Targeting Tracking System RCA Instatrac Mark VI
Heat Sinks 10

2 x LB 10-Xs
3 x LRM-5s

BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 901[1]


Designed and produced during the Star League Civil War, the LB-X Carrier (also known officially as Weapon Carrier, Tracked) was a mass-produced combat vehicle built for the SLDF forces combating Stefan Amaris's combat troops for control of the Star League and the Terran Hegemony. Based on Primitive Weapons Carriers produced during the Age of War, the LB-X Carrier was devised by SLDF Engineers as a means to simplify the manufacturing and replacement of combat vehicles during the conflict.

The vehicle was designed as a support unit, and was deployed en-masse to increase survival throughout the war. The LB-X Carrier's manufacturer, Drago Limited of Skye, was but one of many companies mass-producing the vehicle. However, the quality of the vehicle varied from company to company. The resulting poor quality meant that these vehicles would be laid up for maintenance prior to entering service with their intended combat units.

The LB-X Carrier itself would remain in service until the Succession Wars, where, due to the loss of technology, it would soon disappear and be replaced by slightly more primitive Weapons Carriers.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Named for its primary weapon systems, the LB-X Carrier is armed with a pair of Defiance Ravager LB 10-X Autocannons found in its front. The guns are supplied by four tons of ammunition, giving it plenty of room for optional ammunition types. In addition to its namesake weapon system, the vehicle also mounts three forward-mounted 5-tubed Long-Range Missile Launchers, which have been allotted two tons of ammunition.

Its 180-Rated Fusion Engine and other vitals are protected by 6.5 tons of Aldis Heavy Ferro-Fibrous armor, which is distributed evenly in the front side arcs but lightly in its rear.[3]


  • Ultra AC/5 
    Considered to be the failed variant of an SLDF Weapon Carrier, this vehicle consisted of a trio of Class 5 Ultra Autocannons, teamed with a single 5-tubed LRM launcher. Failure was due in part of the vehicle lacking a "knockout punch".
  • AC/20 
    A feared ambush tank, this carrier featured a pair of Class 20 Autocannons, with a single 5-tubed LRM launcher providing the vehicle with its only form of long-range firepower.[4]

Design Quirks[edit]

This vehicle features the following Design Quirks:


As of this writing, LB-X Carrier's variants have no canon record sheets or detail stats. The variant names used for this article are improvised due to a lack of official variant names.


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