Lyran Intelligence Corps

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Lyran Intelligence Corps
Organization Profile
TypeIntelligence Agency
Foundedca. 2408[1][2]
Parent OrganizationLyran Commonwealth

The Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC) is the intelligence arm of the Lyran Commonwealth. Founded during the reign of Katherine Steiner with the stated purpose of protecting the Commonwealth in general, and as an extension the Steiner family, from all nonmilitary attacks.[2] As a result of this mandate, the LIC maintains information analysis groups along side its more infamous black ops teams.[1]

Lohengrin Security Officer


The head of the intelligence agency is the Chancellor of the LIC. The LIC maintains a rank structure similar to that of the LCAF, starting at the rank of Leutnant,[3] but operates outside of the LCAF chain allowing for freer usage of the service.[1] The highest ranking officer found at the majority of command centers, with the exceptions of regional headquarters and LIC Headquarters on Tharkad, will be a Colonel.[3]

The LIC contains six major branches:


Lohengrin is tasked with counter-terrorism and, through the use of Strategic Local troopers, act as SWAT teams in sensitive or difficult police crises.[1] The Lohengrin maintains the strictest and most specific background requirements with all recruits required to be orphans with no family ties. As the mission set of Loki and Lohengrin are quite similar, the two units often train with and against each other to improve performance.[5] Lohengrin units are famous for their drive, fanatical patriotism, and loyalty matched or surpassed only by the ISF's DEST units. During the reign of Katherine Steiner-Davion, Lohengrin was commonly directed against "terrorists" who typically had expressed public distaste for the Archon-Princess.[1]


Before the Civil war, this division was largely passive; but during the reign of Katherine, this changed considerably. Their technicians were to suppress "harmful" reports, to discredit persons who opposed the Archon and they coordinated with Loki for dirty work.


The Norns (named after the mythical Nordic beings of fate) are the primary intelligence collection and analysis branch of the LIC.[1] The branch itself is subdivided into two departments, one responsible for passive monitoring and the other for active monitoring.[6] Passive monitoring intercepts and analyzes all communication within the Commonwealth. Additionally the passive branch maintained surveillance on all ComStar transmissions within Lyran boarders prior to the dissolution of ComStar.[6] The active monitoring branch is closely connected with Lyran High Command and is responsible for monitoring the current logistical situation along with all troop movements across the Inner Sphere.[6] During the existence of the Federated Commonwealth, the Norns worked closely with House Davion's DMI MI3 to create and maintain the Black Box network.[6]


The diplomatic section is comprised of the two most visible subgroups within the LIC, the Diplomatic Guard and the Diplomatic Corps.[1]

Diplomatic Guard (DG)[edit]

Primarily a security force, with its headquarters located within the Royal Palace, the Diplomatic Guard is charged with the protection and general safety of important Lyran Commonwealth personnel.[4] Candidates first undergo an extensive screening process before induction to ensure their loyalty to the Commonwealth. Those accepted will undergo intensive training in both armed and unarmed combat, as well as the use of various vehicles.[4] This enables the DG to serve as drivers or DropShip pilots when key personnel require transportation or perform courier services for vital, high security communications. While the Diplomatic Guard has personnel across the Commonwealth, most will be found on Tharkad as most nobles and administrators maintain residence there.[4]

Diplomatic Corps (DC)[edit]

The Diplomatic Corps is the most visible to other states, appearing at all major functions the Commonwealth has an interest in. This division recruits primarily from the Foreign Affairs Office, with the recruits receiving specialized intelligence training in DC programs. As operatives have been recruited largely from the FAO, they all specialize in the culture and social protocol of at least one of the other Great Houses and all speak at least one foreign language. As operatives are commonly assigned to a Lyran nobles entourages there can be no mistakes in communication, appearance, or dress with the LIC assigning the operatives substantial expense accounts to purchase necessary items.[4] These operatives then mingle at social events and attempt to determine motives of foreign officials.


Espionage is composed of three subsections:


Loki (named after the Nordic god of lies) is essentially a state-sponsored terrorist unit. Their operatives are trained in espionage along with every form of combat[7]; allowing for the unit to act as secret police, special forces, or terrorist cells as needed.[8] Agent training lasts for six years with regular supplemental training to maintain operational readiness. While Loki has served the Commonwealth faithfully for hundreds of years the unit has often been willing to serve the personal ambitions of the Archon; notably Archons Alessandro Steiner and Kathrine Steiner-Davion.[7] The excessive brutality of Loki agents is infamous throughout the whole Inner Sphere.

Gunter Duiven was the head of Loki operations during at least 3137[9] to 3139.[10]


The Bodians function as the LIC's administrative division primarily focused on recruitment, training, and agent assignment.[1][11] Bondians take no active role in intelligence operations proper, instead monitoring all Lyran educational facilities for potential agent candidates. After identification the candidates education is subtly directed to areas of LIC interest with the candidate being approached for recruitment when they would begin advanced education. The candidate is then educated by the Bondians at one of six LIC colleges located on Tharkad before assignment to a branch. As Bondians' careers are mostly focused on assignment and command, senior LIC officers are often transferred to this branch so their experience can be put to use training the next generation of agents.[11]


The Molehunters are the LIC's primary counterintelligence/counterinsurgency force tasked with securing the state against spies and covert threats.[1] This mandate requires the Molehunters to detect and eliminate any infiltrators to the Commonwealth with their vast authority covering all state apparatus along with any mercenary company currently under contract.[12] The Molehunters have been known to work with Loki agents—as was the case during the lead up and prosecution of the FedCom Civil War[8]—but often are used to remove potentially dangerous Loki agents, notably those loyal to Alessandro Steiner and those loyal to Katherine Steiner-Davion at the end of their respective reigns.[8][12]


Named after the Guardian of the Bifrost and defender of the Norse Gods, Heimdall is the unofficial guardian of the Lyran people.[13] A highly secretive organization, most theories suggest that Heimdall originated either alongside or in response to Loki and that department's excesses.[14][15] Heimdall's secrecy is helped by the fact no known member of the organization has been captured alive and divulged information leaving recruitment methods, training, and equipment a mystery.[15] Public knowledge of this organization is largely confined to romanticized events surrounding Alessandro Steiner's abdication in 3007 and holodramas.[14][15] While usually opposed to Loki, Heimdall remains an organization staffed by Lyran patriots as shown during Operation BLACK ICE where a local Heimdall cell cooperated with Loki Team "Hagall" on Pobeda.[16]

Known Command Structures[edit]

Commanding Officers of the Lyran Intelligence Corps Immediately Prior to the FedCom Civil War[17]
Rank Name Command
General Karl Halburg Commander in Chief
Kommandant-General Alicia Savinson Commander, Loki
Kommandant-General Gunther Yorden Commander, Diplomatic Corps
Kommandant-General Sasha Gorge Commander, Lohengrin
Kommandant-General Gunther Procknow Commander, Molehunters
Commanding Officers of the Lyran Intelligence Corps Post–FedCom Civil War[18]
Rank Name Command
General Sasha Gorge Commander in Chief
Kommandant-General Johann Strauss Commander, Norns
Kommandant-General Kirsten Byrd Commander, Diplomatic Guard
Kommandant-General Damon Braun Commander, Diplomatic Corps
Kommandant-General Klaus Hirsch Commander, Lohengrin
Kommandant-General Tabitha Bjorn Commander, Propaganda
Kommandant-General Mikhail Rappaport Commander, Bondians
Hauptmann-General Andrew Redstorm Commander, Molehunters
Hauptmann-General Heinrich Kinchmeyer Commander, Loki



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