Lambda Galaxy (Clan Jade Falcon)

Lambda Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Jade Falcon Touman


Lambda Galaxy protected the lines of communication between the Clan Homeworlds and the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone. In 3059 the unit's vast area of responsibility prohibited it from developing any unit cohesion. Clusters (and sometimes Trinaries) of forces were assigned to protect convoys as they moved from the Homeworlds to the Occupation Zone. As a result, the Cluster commanders became adept at operating on their own. During this time Lambda Galaxy's composition varied as units were assigned to other duties, but at its core was the Falcon Stoop Naval Star and the Seventy-Fourth Battle Cluster.[1] Tasked with similar duties, Mu Galaxy often worked with Lambda's elements.[2]

After the Jade Falcon's Incursion of 3058, Khan Marthe Pryde brought Lambda into the Inner Sphere to offset losses.[3] In 3064 Lambda spent six months battling Roman's Bar Hounds on Ballynure before finally conquering the planet. The Bar Hounds were forced to withdraw after being reduced to just two lances of heavily-damaged 'Mechs, and disbanded shortly afterwards; Colonel Roman was badly burned during one of the final battles and left unable to pilot a BattleMech.[4]

In 3069 Clan Wolf's Kappa Galaxy tore through the worlds garrisoned by Lambda's units. Unused to the Wolves' combat style, Lambda took serious losses. The mid-Jihad uprising in the Occupation Zone also inflicted serious casualties on Lambda Galaxy.[5]

Two of Lambda's units drove off LCAF raids on Kikuyu and Newtown Square in 3080. At this time the Second Falcon Swoop Cluster and Lambda Solahma Cluster acted as an "OPFOR" for cadets at the Somerset Military Academy.[6] Lambda's units had also rebuilt approximately half of their Jihad losses.[7]

Lambda Galaxy were assigned to hunting pirates after the end of the Jihad, and in 3085 Lambda Galaxy was the first of the Clan Jade Falcon forces to receive supplies of the Chalchiuhtotolin support tank for use in the field.[8]

In the Dark Age they were stationed along the Falcon's border with Clan Hell's Horses. The posting had two goals: First to deter the Horses from raiding and second to assist training new warriors at The Military Academy of Somerset. Eventually the Clan Khans discovered that Lambda's warriors were engaging in raids against the Horses. Worse, they were taking cadets from the Somerset Academy on these raids. They constantly clashed with the Horse's Omega Galaxy, and frequently acted in ways that showed their contempt for the Horses. This was a problem since the Falcons and Horses were working more closely together. Lambda was ordered to leave the Falcon/Horse border and redeploy to more interior systems to prevent more problems.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Lambda Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Joel Thastus 3059 - 3067[1][10]
Galaxy Commander Krishnamurthi Malthus 3085[7]
Galaxy Commander Tamara Faulk 3145[11]





Composition History[edit]




  • Twenty-second Provisional Garrison Cluster[12]
  • Twenty-fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster[12]
  • Second Falcon Swoop Cluster[12]
  • Lambda Solahma[12]


  • Twenty-second Provisional Garrison Cluster[7]
  • Twenty-fourth Provisional Garrison Cluster[7]
  • Second Falcon Swoop Cluster[7]
  • Lambda Solahma[7]




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