Lang Industries Incorporated

Lang Industries Incorporated
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Caph[1]
Primary Products BattleMechs[1]


Land Industries Incorporated was a defense manufacturing company located in the Terran Hegemony for much of its history. Based on Caph, Lang Industries had a long history of producing BattleMechs for the Hegemony Armed Forces and then later the Star League Defense Force, most notably the Shadow Hawk, which Lang first began manufacturing in 2467.[1] As possibly the most important Hegemony world other than Terra, Caph took massive damage during the Amaris Civil War. Amaris Empire Armed Forces units aided by government security and intelligence personnel liberally used WMDs to fight against the forces from the SLDF Third Army in 2776. It is unclear if Lang Industries survived the battles fought during Operation CHIEFTAIN, but by the time Caph was finally liberated large parts of the world had been contaminated or despoiled, every major industrial city and many of the minor cities were in ruins and large swathes of the planet were uninhabitable.[2]


Lang Industries Incorporated has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Caph:[3][1]
Component Type
SHD-1R Shadow Hawk[3][1] Medium BattleMech (from 2467)[1]


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