Lara Ward

Lara Ward
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Star Colonel

Lara Ward was a Clan MechWarrior and officer in Clan Wolf during the Clan Invasion Era.

Personal History[edit]

A product of House Ward, Lara was a Star Captain in the 279th Battle Cluster some years prior to the Clan Invasion when the command suffered a humuliating defeat at the hands of Clan Nova Cat. Khan Ulric Kerensky intended to disband the cluster until Ward successfully lobbied and was granted a Trial of Position to reform it. Star Colonel Ward whipped the remnants of the old cluster into shape with new recruits, turning the Golden Horde into an exceptionally well-coordinated elite unit.[1]

During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, the 279th proved their quality. An unusual event involving Ward occured on 3 May, 3050 when Clan Wolf commanders were bidding for the right to take New Bergen in the Free Rasalhague Republic. Ward was intended to have bid against Star Colonel Darren Fetladral of the Third Battle Cluster. However, at the insistence of ilKhan Leo Showers, Ward bid against Star Colonel Marcos Radick and his 37th Striker Cluster. Radick was a staunch Crusader, and Showers no doubt intended to cause Khan Ulric political difficulty via gamesmanship. Ward ultimately won the contest with a bid of nine 'Mech Stars, much to the satisfaction of Ulric and the frustration of Showers and Radick. This event was observed by bondsman Phelan Kell, as Ulric wanted to educate him on Clan rituals.[2] When she made her Batchall for New Bergen, the commander of the defending militia understated his forces, putting Ward at a great disadvantage. Rather than break her bid, Ward ordered the Horde to pull back and lure the militia into a series of ambushes, wearing them down until they were in position for a successful counter-attack, whereupon they crushed the militia.[3]

Later in the invasion, the Golden Horde took part in the assault on Rasalhague, where they eliminated the weakened First Freemen at the city of Tyr.[4][5] When the invasion renewed, the Cluster took part in the battles for Tamar,[6] and Bessarabia.[7] Lara Ward was wounded during the fighting on Tukayyid.[8]

It is unclear if Ward took part in the Refusal War, or joined Clan Wolf-in-Exile. It is known that the 279th Battle Cluster was dissolved in the aftermath. Lara Ward's ultimate fate is unrecorded as of this writing.


While commanding the 279th Battle Cluster, Lara Ward piloted a Warhawk of the primary configuration.[9]


  • Lara Ward was rated as an elite Clan MechWarrior as of the Battle of Tukayyid.[10]
  • According to The Falcon and the Wolf, Lara Ward continued to command the 279th Battle Cluster in the aftermath of the Refusal War, now part of the Exiles' Omega Galaxy.[11] This is directly contradicted by other sources which indicate the Cluster was dissolved after the conflict, and make no mention of Lara Ward whatsoever.
  • As a member of House Ward, Lara was descended from Jal Ward, the founder of the bloodline.
  • While in command of the 279th Battle Cluster, Ward was the commanding officer of ristars Katya Kerensky[12] and Star Commander Ranna[2].


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