Larsen's Loners

Emblem of Larsen's Loners
Larsen's Loners
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Succession Wars[edit]

Larsen's Loners once formed part of Bullard's Armored Cavalry. They were formed when Bullard's Armored Cavalry disintegrated during the Chaos March chaos in 3058. Initially they planned to head separate ways, but then-Captain Garys Larsen's brother Eric offered them an opportunity. Eric was the head of one of the travel companies bringing wealthy thrill seekers to the Mica Majority and hired the Loners to provide security for these tourists and several primary facilities. Sometime after that, the Loners signed a new contract directly with the government of the Mica Majority which also includes training of the small citizen's brigade, which is expected to improve its performance. The Loners have dealt with only a few minor incursions during these time. Though all Mican citizens contribute a token tax to pay the mercenary unit, the Majority's tour operators contribute most of the unit's pay. The small unit serves to deter pirate attacks against the Mican planets, and it rotates between garrison facilities located on each of the major Mican worlds.[1]

The Jihad[edit]

When a large and well-armed band of bounty hunters arrived on Mica V in pursuit of Tortuga Prime’s former Precentor, they enlisted the Loners to help apprehend him for a share of the reward. The Loners on Mica V sent word to Colonel Larsen on Mica II and went hunting. The details of the battle are unknown, but the main body of the Loners arrived at Oropolis to find the dome leveled. Radiation sensors detected the remnants of a nuclear detonation. No survivors were found of the Loners’ lance, the bounty hunters, the Blakists, or the fifteen thousand inhabitants of Oropolis. This reduced the Loners to four lances, with little opportunity to add pilots to their roster. Contact with Randis IV garnered an offer for Brotherhood trainees to garrison the Majority, but no willing recruits for the Loners. As per their contract, The Loners continue training the citizen’s brigade. Despite their best efforts, the militia is little more than an armed mob with slightly more legitimacy than the hard-luck flotsam that regularly washes into the Mica system.[2]

Dark Ages[edit]

The Loners decided to stay when the Mica Majority government collapsed in 3111, and even continued to serve without pay for nearly five years as the mining corporations took control. Larsen's Loners are thus loved and hated by the citizens of the Majority, with many praising their skill at defending their cities and mining outposts, while others criticize them as an example of "wasteful government spending." Larsen's Loners maintains an overstrength battalion distributed between the inhabited Mica worlds, with their units primarily concentrated around the critical life support facilities, sprawling mines, and foundries.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Larsen's Loners
Major Jesee Larsen 3058
Colonel Gary Larsen 3064
Colonel Laren Larsen 3085
Colonel Ole Larsen 3145


The Jihad[edit]

The Loners are masters of the terrain surrounding the Majority's most important facilities, preparing minefields and defensive positions that will make their enemies pay dearly for every inch they gain.

Composition History[edit]


Larsen's Loners (2 Companies/Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Major Jesee Larsen[4]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Mica V.[4]

Succession Wars[edit]

Larsen's Loners (4 Lances/Veteran/Reliable)[1]

  • CO: Colonel Gary Larsen
  • Deployment: Mica II, V and VII



Larsen's Loners (Company/Veteran/Reliable) 165% strength | 35% Upgraded | Current Base: Mica II, V, & VII[5]

  • Deployment: Mica II, V and VII


Larsen's Loners (Company/Veteran/Reliable) 160% strength | 35% Upgraded Level (D) | Current Base: Mica II, V, and VII[6]

Dark Ages[edit]

Larsen's Loners (Battalion/Veteran/Reliable) 120% strength | Upgrade Level (C) | Current Base: Mica II, V, and VII[7]


There is a discrepancy in the unit composition as The Periphery (2nd Edition) displays a different commanding officer, skill Level and strength of the unit. There, Larsen's Loners are described as: Larsen's Loners (2 companies/Regular/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Major Jesse Larsen
  • Deployment Mica Majority

We have kept the information of the latest document as the correct one.


Game Rules[edit]


In any scenario where the Loners are the defenders, the controlling player may set minefields (standard, vibrabomb or command detonated mines). Multiply by 3 the number of Loners 'Mechs fielded to determine how many hexes the minefields may cover. Additionally, the Loners possess the Overrun Combat special ability.[9]


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