Laser Anti-Missile System

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Laser Anti-Missile System (LAMS)
Production information
Type Equipment (Point-Blank Weapon)
Tech Base Inner Sphere/


Year Availability Clan = 3079 CWF

IS = 3079 FS

Technology Rating E (IS) F (Clan)
Availability Ratings X/X/
Technical specifications
Heat Clan = 5

IS = 7

Damage Special Weapon Rules (Consult Tactical Operations p. 322)
Tons Clan = 1

IS = 1.5

Critical Slots Clan = 1

IS = 2

Cost (unloaded) Clan = 225,000

IS = 225,000

BV (2.0) Clan = 45

IS = 45

The Laser Anti-Missile System is an advanced self-defense weapons system.


The laser anti-missile system (LAMS) is an advanced variation of the standard anti-missile systems fielded by both Inner Sphere and Clan militaries. While the standard system utilizes a machine gun linked to specialized tracking systems, the LAMS uses a small pulse laser, ensuring that the system never runs out of ammunition. While solving the frequent lament of the ammunition dependent standard system, the disadvantage is that even with the strength of each laser pulse reduced to the minimum required to destroy missiles, the heat buildup is much more significant.[1]

First researched by Clan Wolf in 3045, their version of the laser anti-missile system entered the prototype production phase in 3048[1] and finally starting standard production in 3079 with the Clan LAMS becoming widely and commonly available to all the surviving Clans by 3145.[2]

The Inner Sphere version did not lag far behind; stemming from the R&D efforts of the then-Federated Commonwealth in 3054, the Federated Suns started prototype design and production in 3059.[1] The Inner Sphere laser anti-missile system finally entering standard production in 3079 and becoming commonly available among all the Inner Sphere powers by 3145 at the same time as the Clan version.[2] Some evidence exists that Firmir Weaponry of Betelgeuse was also developing similar systems around same time as FedCom researchers.[3]

The LAMS can be mounted both on BattleMechs and vehicles. As its heat buildup is high, the unit with a LAMS must carry enough heat sinks to counter the higher output it produces and internal combustion engines require power amplifiers equal to the task.[1]


The Laser AMS is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by Reference
Beamsplitter Twycross DS Aero Assembly Site Rho Hydaspes 3 [4]
Diverse Optics Sunray Kajikazawa Kurita Combine Munitions Corporation SU-14 Suzaku [5]
Clean-Sweep Capolla Eris Enterprises Design Group JLP-BD Jackalope [6] [7]
Clean-Sweep Mizar Victory Conditions Industries JLP-BD Jackalope [6] [7]
Light Shield-1 Orestes Janesek Industries Tyre 3 [8]
McArthur Laser-X AMS SP1-X Spatha - SP2-X Spatha "Warlord" [9] [10]
Type M1 Csesztreg Csesztreg Industriplex Alpha Incubus II [11]
Unknown Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry Unknown [3]
Unknown Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry Unknown [3]
Victory Star Screen Kervil Wakazashi Enterprises Unknown [12]


The laser anti-missile system functions as per the standard anti-missile system rules apply, except of course the laser system requires no ammunition. Furthermore, a LAMS attack that reduces a missile flight's Cluster Hits roll to less than 2 completely destroys the incoming flight.[1]

The laser anti-missile system is considered an energy weapon for the purposes of determining the heat sink and power amplifier requirements of units that do not use a heat scale.[1]

The Tactical Handbook version of the LAMS was very heat intensive, as determined by a 3D6 roll. At that stage, both IS and Clan versions had the same weight and critical slots, the Tactical Handbook version also had the benefit that the two critical slots (the tracking system and laser) could be mounted separately and in entirely different locations, making it easier to mount and harder to destroy.[3]

Maximum Tech maintained the variable heat of the Tactical Handbook version, but reduced it to match the 2D6 result of the number of missiles destroyed. This meant that vehicles mounting the LAMS had to support the possibility of 12 points of heat. Maximum Tech also included rules for the offensive use of both standard and laser anti-missile systems, the LAMS acting as if it was standard small laser with a maximum range of 1 if used in this manner.[13]

Tactical Operations changed the LAMS even further, making the offensive LAMS function as a Clan micro pulse laser with a maximum range of 1 hex.[14]


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