Laurelli Liao

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Laurelli Liao
Character Profile
Born 2805
Died 2860[1]
Affiliation House Liao
Title(s) Duchess of Liao
Position Chancellor
Profession Noble
Parents Ilsa Liao (mother)
Siblings Dainmar Liao

Laurelli Liao was the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation during the Second Succession War.



As Chancellor, Laurelli Liao was determined to keep the Confederation alive. Beset by both the Free Worlds League and Federated Suns, the Confederation was only kept alive due to her devotion to keeping the CCAF in arms and equipment. She also frequently visited battlefields to inspire her troops. She spent most of her time traveling through the Confederation, rallying her citizens to resist their invaders. Though effective, these visits also led to her death on the battlefield, the second Chancellor to do so.[2] She died in action in 2860.[3]


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