Laurie Tseng

At age 71 in 3076
Laurie Tseng
Character Profile
Born 3005[1]
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Profession Loremaster

Laurie Tseng (b. 3005)[2] was the Loremaster of Clan Ghost Bear and from the start of Operation REVIVAL through to 3085 the commanding officer Beta Galaxy[3]


The oldest active warrior in the Clan Ghost Bear Touman at age 71 (as of 3076), Laurie Tseng is a traditionalist that embodies the Clan Ghost Bear mantra of "Wait and see".[4] Throughout her career she has served Clan Ghost Bear as Loremaster, Head of the Watch, and Galaxy Commander. When her Clan relocated to the Inner Sphere and shifted to a Warden philosophical stance Laurie Tseng saw this as the realization of the ultimate goal of the Clans, to return home.[5]

Early Life[edit]

With a modest beginning to her warrior career, Laurie passed her Trial of Position with the minimum requirement of a single kill; She worked her way up the ranks of the Clan Ghost Bear Touman achieving the rank of Galaxy Commander shortly before Operation REVIVAL.[6]

Clan Invasion[edit]

Laurie Tseng led Beta Galaxy through the entirety of Operation REVIVAL. Her "slow and steady" assault doctrine, reflecting her career in general, provided impressive victories for her Galaxy.[7] She criticized the Ghost Bear logistical strategy; in her opinion they brought too few supplies and underestimated the tenacity of the Inner Sphere defenders.[8]


Laurie Tseng led Clan Ghost Bear forces on the assault of Luk, but was forced to retreat to Spanac through the Holth Forrest.[9]

Post-Tukayyid - Ghost Bear Dominion[edit]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]



Seeds of Destruction[10]

...Yet some few among the Clans saw beyond the pettiness of resource hoarding and the glory and honor of war. They saw, instead, a subtle change in how politics and personal lust for power were corrupting the true Way of Kerensky. Whether the shift was from the corrupting influence of the Inner Sphere or a natural evolution of Clan philosophy, it was undeniable; a few individuals saw opportunities to bring the Clans back to the original Vision of Kerensky."

Clan Ghost Bear Loremaster Laurie Tseng, Personal Annotations, 01063079

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Loremaster of Clan Ghost Bear
3049 - 3085

Succeeded by
eventually Hans Kabrinski[11]


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