Lawrence Davion

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Lawrence Davion
Character Profile
Born 7th January 2547
Died 18th September 2635
Affiliation House Davion
Parents Alexander Davion (father)
Veronique DuVall (mother)
Siblings Vincent Davion
Roger Davion
Melinda Davion
Henry Davion
Louis Davion
Veronica Davion

Lawrence Davion was the youngest child of First Prince Alexander Davion and Veronique DuVall and a highly successful businessman.[1]


Early Years[edit]

The youngest of the seven children of Alexander Davion, a result of Alexander's second marriage to Veronique DuVall, Lawrence benefited from many of the same opportunities as his siblings and the same amount of affection from his parents, but was never groomed to lead the Federated Suns. With four older brothers, it was unlikely that Lawrence would ever ascend to the throne, but Alexander was keen to ensure that the internecine rivalry and infighting that had created the Davion Civil War wouldn't occur again, and Lawrence was given every opportunity to succeed. Like his brothers, Lawrence completed a five-year tour in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, leaving the AFFS as a Captain to enter public service.[1]

High Council[edit]

When Henry Davion stepped down from serving as the New Avalon representative to the High Council in 2575 Lawrence took his seat, and by 2577 was elected to the position of President of the council. While the High Council had little political power compared to the position of First Prince, it exerted substantial influence over the Federated Suns' commerce and trade, and was extensively populated by members of the most prominent business and political families within the Suns. Displaying both his father's negotiating skills and charm along with a self-deprecating manner that helped keep opponents off-guard, by the time Lawrence stepped down from the High Council in 2585 he had built a series of friends, contacts and networked connections that would serve him well throughout the rest of his life; Lawrence was replaced on the council by Ian Davion, the son of Lawrence's stepbrother Vincent.[1][2]

Reunification War[edit]

Lawrence's position on the High Council put him in a good position to assist his father's political strategies during the Reunification War; Lawrence was able to construct a series of shell companies and corporations to mask the fact that Federated Suns business and industries were supplying arms to the Outworlds Alliance, and acted extensively as Alexander's envoy during the covert negotiations that led to the Tancredi Accord[3] and the Treaty of Cerberus.[4] By the end of the Reunification War, Lawrence had taken charge of a number of family business interests and used contracts for the supply of Star League aid to the Outworlds Alliance and Taurian Concordat to create Federated-Davion Transgalactic, the third-largest shipping company in the Federated Suns.[1]

Post-Reunification War[edit]

Some years after the Reunification War had ended, Lawrence relocated along with his family to the world of Lee, then a part of the Capellan Confederation, and he and his family worked together using their extensive influence both politically and economically to turn Lee into an economic powerhouse - and having convinced First Lord Ian Cameron to post a pro-Davion SLDF garrison on the world, ensured that Lee funneled significant amounts of Capellan capital straight into the Federated Suns.[1]


Lawrence was a greedy individual, but loyal to his family, friends and allies; while many of his methods and decisions would be considered illegal and unfair in future eras, Lawrence amassed a huge business empire for the Davion family, and looked after those loyal to him. Whilst his descendants would leave Lee during the First Succession War, the family would return after the world Lawrence enriched was captured by the Federated Suns during the Third Succession War.[1][2]


  • Lawrence Davion gains a +2 bonus to all CHA-based Skill and Attribute checks.[2]
  • Lawrence Davion gains a +3 bonus to all Connection Rolls.[2]
  • All connections made by Lawrence Davion have an effective level of +2 above what they would normally be.[2]


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